aug 28, 2020 12:27pm
  • Hi everyone πŸ’š Yupp sorry for those who have received automatic emails, I just want notifications on my front site and Newsletter once a while πŸ’š

  • Sexy photo in my Private content now availableπŸ’š Go Naked is now Go Freestyle, so I will add daily lifestyle and sexy photo for the general public whoo-ooo just before hot content ;P You know I like doing both 😈

  • Okay, my schedule is now available and dates are unofficial but should be closed if not. Its my next tour and probably last one this year but you will be able to visit me Off-Tour & with Duo available 😈😈 Imagine in a paradise with me ;P + my friend ;P

  • Collabs will be defined as well πŸ’š

  • DX Free is now my Friend/following Feed => so sign up and add me HERE <= πŸ’š I have a Free photo as well for ya πŸ’š

  • Next Post for Private Bloopers ;P