sept 8, 2020 725pm
  • Whats up šŸ’•

  • okay, when I’m looking news on boards and shows another new Destiny on my name => so off šŸ˜† Hope she makes money at least šŸ˜† I’m wondering if someone else would be that pacific šŸ¤”

  • I’ll need to delay my next touring dates by 3-4 days. Me and my Irish girl we will travel in paradise a week later. So, it wont change this change ;P I would love to add more cities such as AB cities, Peg City and Halifax but last 2 are restricted area still but see you in 2021 šŸ’š

  • Speaking of cities. Calgary & Edmonton is now in the top 5 largest cities in Canada (well might be there for a moment but I just noticed it now). After TO, after Me (Mtl oupss šŸ’š) and Vancity. Yayy for AB, love visiting over there. I don’t visit TO & Mtl since I have a few personal things over there but on good references and requests, you can book a date in the city I currently am.

  • + very short little video teasing on my Sexize Profile šŸ’š

  • IMP => Refresh Sexize Page for current updates such as FEED, Private Content etc. New updates from Browsers and extra security, from etc.. have affected the current update.

  • see extras members Bloopys Here