sept 10, 2020 934pm
  • Good evening sexy world πŸ’•

  • Looking at Sexize, and so proud of it Yayyy !! there has been so much work on it and its not done yet ;P Missing an app hey hey and probably will have a VIP Creator for those who wants long video. Its gonna be fun πŸ’•

  • Sexy faux leather Black Bikini in my Private Content for tmr πŸ’•

  • PROMO is ON ! Double up your membership for Go Lifestyle, Go Premium and Go PlatinumπŸ’• You can Subscribe on and/or => HERE It will be updated on both if you sign up on πŸ’• If you sign up on Sexize, and aren’t a member on Contact the tech support πŸ’• Public won’t be subscribed on ;P

  • Something cool is coming, to follow me during my trip => oh well, subscribe loves πŸ’•

  • Renewal code for active members in the private Bloopers => Here