sept 13, 2020 640pm
  • Hello πŸ’•

  • Have you seen my banner? If you did, live message me on Sexize and I’ll send you a nude ;P Its a joke, I haven’t made a surprise nude.. maybe not yet πŸ’•

  • I have added Fort McMurray on my schedule whoot-whoot πŸ’• My upcoming trip and paradise move out are coming soon, so exciting πŸ’• My Irish friend will be lucky having lots of sexy photos/videos ;P Will prepare our upcoming Duo Getaway for gents who wants to getaway in a paradise place with amazing girls ;P

  • Modern relationship story part II in my Private Content on his way

  • Renewal code for active members in the private Bloopers => Here

  • I’m preparing some ads and if you wanna read a few tips and gossips => in my private content ;P