sept 17, 2020 359pm
  • Hello πŸ’• Missing me? πŸ˜† I did something today reminding some tip dates that I write in my Gossip in my Private Bloopers hey hey ;P

  • Preparing new Daily Schedule like sexy photos on Monday, sexy shooting on Tuesday, sexy video on Wednesday, sexy photo for Premium & Platinum on Thursday, Hot Premium Content on Friday, hot story on w-e. Something similar like that

  • I’m excited, my leaving dates are so soon πŸ’• excited to get back on tour and excited to away for months πŸ’•

  • Sexy Booty Short now out in my Private Content => HERE

  • ++ if you sign up on Sexize and don’t know where to go once register. Use Search bar => Sexy DX and add/follow me. + See my friends and other future Creators HERE

  • A CompleteΒ  Sexy Nude for FREE πŸ’• Yippee πŸ’• You will need to sign up HERE and add me hey hey. Simple as it πŸ’•

  • Renewal code for active members in the private Bloopers => Here