sept 25, 2020 720pm
  • Happy Friday All πŸ’—

  • Cleaned up my Private Content, and you can find now Title such as “Photo” “Videos” “Hot Content” etc πŸ’— Enjoy πŸ’— Go On Sexize => Sexy DX then Private Content ;P

  • Coming soon πŸ’— But might need to postpone SK after Vancouver as its hard to get in and get out and moving around. I should book things 2 weeks before with SK πŸ™Β  I might give Banff a visit on Oct 2 TBC soonπŸ’— Gossip/Spoiler: I’ve been there once with someone special from this business almost at the beginning of DX ;P It hasn’t happened again and it won’t happen again ;P He is no more in the market for years now. Find out who in my Private Bloopers ;P

  • Something still up soon => Stay tuned πŸ’—

  • Next private Bloopers for members => Here