sept 30, 2020 1109am
  • Whats up all ? Be there so Fuckinggg soon πŸ’—πŸ’— I think it will be the last time of the year I’ll tour depending how the actual situation goes

  • Another Big Day for me and I will release New Private Content soon ;P

  • Someone has been looking up for me in Australia, my bet is girl”s”. Ya Australia was my 1st trip overseas at the beginning of Destiny XU. Its has been over 7 years for me already with 2-3 years of retirement => oh I’m gonna quit, oh I’m in love, oh I want a regular life πŸ˜† => but truth is, I was living my most boring regular life πŸ˜† Don’t be shy, you can come on => I love Australian and will be back over there once the situation will be cleared. Gossip/spoiler: I got issues at the customs because I was a traveler beginner, was almost under surveillance, and couldn’t ride that island as much as I wanted to but definitely learned from it and hopefully, will take over that island soon ;P

  • Next private Bloopers for members => Here