oct 13, 2020 426pm
  • Good afternoon all πŸ’‹ In Vancity <3 Love my suite πŸ₯° will show u when ill be gone πŸ˜† Love this city. If my roots weren’t based in Mtl, I would have live here. Okay, I have only openings on oct 15 in pm only. High-end duo available on 17 ! Come, hang out and have a threesome with me and Desiray <3

  • Many thanks to Alberta guys <3 <3 I love AB, I have been touring there since my beginning, and on this trip, I haven’t felt any work in any second of my time 😱 This is what it means when you like what you doing, you won’t need to work any day of your life πŸ˜±πŸ’š Maybe next year, I will add hang out, dinner, date at guys place and worldwide travel companionship for Destiny XU. I already know everything over the years about ppl even if i didnt want to. I remember when they graduated, when they change jobs, when they celebrate, when they die. I never wanted to know more than my bedroom and I even said to my Irish girl Roksi:”no I don’t want to see guys regularly, and often, they will remember me and it will affect my personal life”. Big fail, everybody came back to see me πŸ˜† I know I’m soo good πŸ˜† Joke. I know its crazy how much I cared about the image and reputation in my early 20’s, now I’m grown, I know the only thing matter is who has the greatest ass, who has the greatest car, and who is popular, in any industry around this world.

  • Okay, sexy infos πŸ’— My Handmade bikini album is in progress who–ot whhoo-t Look at that ;P See my Sexy DX profile for membership => I might only keep Private Bloopers for members hereπŸ’—

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