oct 27, 2020 819pm
  • Good eve’ destinyxu.comπŸ’š

  • I didn’t have time to update destinyxu.com but yes my schedule was ON and its already my last day in Vancity sniff sniff what a beautiful city. I have to mention my beautiful 5* hotel as well. Its the only “Big’ city I can work as DX without worrying about my life and its the only big city can carry big hotels hey hey. No openings left, follow my site, follow my feed, sign up to my newsletter for not missing me next time => PS: it will be next spring πŸ’š

  • SK tmr πŸ’‹

  • Will work on my Oily Body Album as well probably tmr πŸ’‹

  • See ya πŸ’š

  • Next private Bloopers for members soon => HERE