nov 04, 2020 1212am
  • What’s up all 🧑 might be offline for a few days or might be locked for a few days but you’ll be able to follow my feed and my Private Content still

  • In the upcoming months, new videos, new content 🧑 Upcoming updates on my Join me in my Paradise soon as well 🧑

  • Part III of Kayla now available πŸ’‹ + Join me in my bed now completed πŸ’š Upcoming new album tmr ;P

  • My Instagram will probably be the official private content account in the very near future. I lasted to reach more public ppl and public engagement but someone yelled on it “that I fucked hundreds of guys” a few weeks ago, which has made many guys disappointed, that’s why I’ve been pissed off and yelled to everyone “only use happy comments and emojis” !! πŸ˜† I’m not sure why others girls don’t have this issue but I’m not ashamed of Destiny XU, the world isn’t ready for it. It’s a perception thing, by example: Give a big bright colorful lollipop to a kid, his eyes will be wide open, sparkling and his excitement will be at the top. Now tell him, “this lollipop isn’t like Wonka Candies, this one is made with the cheapest sugar and colorant on the market”. The kid won’t really care, he will still eat this lollipop but his excitement and perception will have changed and he won’t have the excitement to eat this dreamy big bright colorful lollipop. Knowing its not like the usual candy that people usually use will make him disappointed. On the other side, tell that same kid, it’s not made by the Wonka Candies, “its has been made with the cheapest sugar and colorant that doesn’t affect the planet and its better for everyone bodies including yours”. Well, that kid will have a better excitement to eat his lollipop. To resume my lollipop story, its the same for Destiny XU. Some ppl can yell many things like “I’ve fucked hundreds of guys”- which by the way doesn’t affect me at all- its just prove I have lots of experience, I’m good with guys and I’m great at sex and honestly, hundreds is a way too small number… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† Okay, continuing on my Destiny XU lollipop story, ppl can yell anything but Destiny XU is and has the dream job and life everybody wants even if they don’t know or not aware of it yet.

  • Its the election in America and I think Trump will win πŸ™ I liked this guy when I didn’t know it at all. He was a Great Businessman, I always admire ppl who can multiple the values of many things, it takes lots of time, experiences, and more. Even if he started with his daddy’s money, he has been able to make it grows. But where it stops its when he opens his disgusting tiny duck lips and mouth, he has insulted Everyone, Mainly Every country including Canada, and then, he won the “World Peace Prize” to clean his image and make the world shut up. If there is one person can fuck better the world than me, its him πŸ˜† I mean, this guy knows where to go and who to pay… and sadly, I think he will be President again πŸ™

  • I’ll think about new features in the meantime and I’ll talk to you in paradise on earth πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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