Jan 07, 2020 1034am
  • Hii destinyxu.com 👗👗👗 Yupp Yupp you may have noticed it, I’m now back in CA 💖💖💖 I’m preparing my upcoming tour for mid-january and I still can’t visit Halifax 🙁 Not sure about Peg city as well as I’m trying to avoid 1 stop only 🙁 Miss you guys 💋💋💋 Sending love. I might stop in Toronto for some private dates, popping to say “HI” to someone in mind as well.

  • I will be tested again as well before getting back on tour 💖 I won’t reveal my secrets about how I book to avoid covid cuz its like I’m telling you I classify people, which I don’t wanna say. I love everybody 💚💚 => or mainly everybody ah ah ah 💋💋

  • Gonna do some shoot today for my Private Content and Yes, I will give a Christmas and happy new year gift, I will give 2 extras weeks to all actives + 3 FREE for the upcoming 3 days of private content 💚 => coming soon 💋💋

  • I won’t have bitcoin getaway on sexize for now. I will clean my Private Content as well and some of my Bloopers will be unavailable soon as well 💋