Jan 10, 2020 438pm
  • Whats up all 💖 My schedule is now ON => its an approximation tour, should be confirmed soon but my dates will be near those dates 💖💖

  • More of DX on the market soon 💋💋 + upcoming social media for Sexize very soon, I know it was about time etc but the site needed many tests before launching and there still have a few little things I wanna add in there but this can wait 💚 and I didn’t want to be on social media but oh well, it will only help the business. The sad thing doing social media, is I have to be very careful since I’m doing social media for my personal life as well. The good news is someday at some point, I’ll probably be able to promote Sexize in the “real world” 🙊

  • Speaking of Sexize, I wanna plan a little party, a travelling party or a boat party in the upcoming month 😋 Wtv it is, I wanna plan a little party soon 😋 after the infinite covid. I will save money for this event hey hey 💚 or I’m looking for a sugar daddy 🙊 Joke, I’m a strong independent woman 💪😆💋💋💋

  • Upcoming 3 promos days soon as well 💚