Jan 12, 2020 1046am
  • Hello destinyxu.com 💚 Okay, there is the Bitcoin payment on Sexize whoot-whoot 🎉 It was stronger than me, I wanted it on the site 🙊 please send me your coins 😆

  • Working on Sexize social Media soon 💚💚💚 Trying the Reddit platform, h-ishhh. Not sure I like it. If you followed me on my Bloopers, I wrote a few months ago, I will be on Twitter when Trump will be in a tutu being well-fucked by a big d*ck. Oh well, ladies and gents, that day has come 😆

  • I’ll do my promo as well today 💋

  • Little changes on Sexize: you can add a 2nd link or your title/job position by editing your profile => check my profile Here. I might wanna add a little change to the logo as well 💋