Feb 22, 2021 406pm
  • What’s up destinyxu.com πŸ’š I am not on Tour since yesterday and with the borders covid restrictions, I might stay out west a moment πŸ’š To summarize, what Trudeau seems to say its: “we need a negative test before coming to Canada or pay a fine of $3k if we don’t have one. Once arrive at the borders, we will take another test and we will stay at their “hotel” for 3 days waiting for a negative test and it should cost approx $2 hotel & food included. If negative, we can go somewhere else until the end of the 14 days, then take another test to confirm its negative.” I think Canada needs money and trying to get it from Travellers πŸ™ It is absolutely absurd. If I’m travelling, I will plan to get in illegally at the borders, getting caught and going in jail until the end of my quarantine, so it will be totally free πŸ˜† Just kidding, orange isn’t my colour πŸ˜† I’m looking for a long term place and will update my schedule soon πŸ’š

  • I’m working on some promo & content. I might have some Free content cuz I need to see where the site is jamming.

  • I have also a future girl/influencer in mind for the adult content and I think she can nail it. Will be in touch with her shortly.

  • I am reading my previous bloopers when I mentioned Bitcoin was growing and I’m not sure if I spread some words about it cuz a few hours later, it has risen from 66K to 71k… It took weeks to got the coin up from 60k to 66k. I strongly think it’s a coincidence but it hasn’t risen that much overnight so I will try again. I think we should all buy some BTC this Thursday, Feb 25 and sell them on Friday 26 in PM.