April 10, 2021 1245am
  • Happy Fridayyy all πŸ’™What you up to? F-day ?πŸ₯³πŸ’™

  • I’m away today til Tuesday april 13 πŸ’™ On reservations only from 13 to 24 in Vancity then open schedule April 25 to 28πŸ’™πŸ’™ Please note, I won’t probably be back touring for a moment, sniff sniff BC, AB, MB, SK and NS but I will be Online and a part of me will be working on Sexize. I will be ON for Getaway πŸ’™ and maybe USA in a few months… πŸ’™ I think its the 1st time, DX is that active since last year, normally DX is touring about 30% of a year, so FYI, you don’t need to work full-time or to yell your the best slut to make loads. You need to have great resources or well-surrounded, then it will be up to you, well like any industry.

  • Friday is a popular day online. It’s funny knowing that. Even before covid, there are more ppl online on Friday evening than weekdays. So if you are alone on Friday and Saturday evening, it’s normal, there are lots of ppl alone too. I’m planning to have a few modifs as visuals as techniques on destinyxu.com and on sexize. Both sites are different. One completely legal and dx.com is well, legal too but. lol. If you don’t know what to do of your Friday eve, keep coming back on both site πŸ˜‰

  • For the late birds, if you keep following, I know how the main page will lookalike in a near future. I like my current one but to make it user-friendly, it will be displayed on 1 page almost like my newsfeed page. If you haven’t visited in a moment, the feed looks really good. They will have a few news articles shortly. All based on those categories: Dating, Relationship, Sexuality and content creator and the 18+. I have lots of fun doing this project. No matter how long, it will take, it’s cool, interesting, entertaining and educational on everything around love & sex. You know, the most important thing in the world and maybe the most type on google ;P

  • What will be new: From next week, everything will be displayed on the newsfeed and user’s newsfeed, you can post and lock the content directly and it will be automatically showed unlocked when members have membership whoot-whoot. If you don’t understand what I mean, it will be there next week ;P The report, the tip and the bitcoin system will be different as I’m looking to add some cool features in the messaging.