April 12, 2021 353pm
  • Good Monday destinyxu.com πŸ₯³πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • we will start the Private Content lock and unlock on the wall πŸ₯³ it will be coolπŸ’™ We are still thinking about something else cooler as well

  • Ya I wanted some modifs on destinyxu.com but it will be probably for later

  • Yupp still in vancity πŸ₯³ On reservations from tmr to April 23. Then “on Tour” April 24 to 28. I’m almost a Vancourite now ;P I’m surprised that I didn’t need to advertise since January, I did something very well here hey hey. Thank you Vancouver, I really have a blast here and almost fell in love πŸ˜† I’ll be back on boards for new dates and new reviews later this week πŸ’™

  • Next Private Content later on πŸ’™