April 13, 2021 1059pm
  • Whats up loves πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Its so beautiful in BC now, hope u got out or BBQ and enjoyed it πŸ§‰ I had great news from DX personal life πŸ₯³ My 2nd big news this year πŸ₯³ if you don’t know whats my 1st one, you should never missed a day of my bloopers πŸ˜† Im sorry for all u got issues since Covid time but for me, I really had great new πŸ₯³ Things are never always negative.

  • yupp still in Vancity woot whoot πŸ’™ Then I’ll be back in east coast, cant wait to get back to my things, my car, my friends, my family etc. If you are wondering how my friends and family handle this part of my life, they just don’t know and they accept me with that secret life and independency. It’s an unknown trust over the years and I really appreciate them and life for everything. I wish I can build a relationship like this but only time will tell and generally, people doesn’t have or take that time to respect the other person, its like a “fast fashion” or a “fast trend”, its now or never or I’ll swipe left ! Goddamn, I think I will stay with my actual life πŸ˜† Now dating is so easy for me but its harder on the other way, because I’m not in absolute need of someone

  • Yupp sexize is working on some cool features but whats coming up is more precise and will demand some brains. Goddamn, I’m in big juice πŸ˜† Joke πŸ˜† It will require lots of patience, motivation and creativity