April 18, 2021 152pm
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  • Beautiful day in Vancity πŸ’™πŸ’™ People act like there is no covid lately, beaches are crowned 😱 Funny facts, there is a guy who came talked to me and he has been beaten by his girlfriend right after 🀣 She was right beside him 🀣 I mean, if I had a bf like this, I would have packed my things and left right away 🀣 For any gender, if you are in a relationship, try to be discreet at least 🀣 There another dude who came to talk to me and touch me everywhere. Red Flag Omg! Respect people bubble. If you feel the moment is right, then you approach with some touches, otherwise, you don’t. I almost pushed him down the valley, it was annoying. I don’t know what would be the best way that I would like to be approach, for now, it always been people from school or from a friend because the 1st step of trust has been already built. Or if I meet someone random outside and I wanna know more about him, it’s because there is something about this person I like, it can be physical or his manner then I ask for his social media and info to see if we can have a potential match. If you are struggling with dating, I would start with your social media because people don’t know each other, at least it will be a summarize of yourself, where you work, what you do, if you have people can confirm it is you. You are not obliged to be popular or active, just to show you are legit and what kind of person you are. On the other side, if you only see the popularity and sexy photos to make a move, then it will be a booty call or an upcoming toxic relationship because your value for dating are based on popularity and sexy photos.