April 19, 2021 942pm
  • What’s up all ^^

  • Another beautiful day in Vancity πŸ₯³ Waiting for some friends to test my Sexize video calls πŸ’™ It will be paid calls/video calls, How cool is that? πŸ₯³ I’m not offering online video dating or not yet but I’m sure it will be useful for those and for cam girls such as who gonna hung up 1st? You hang up? No, you hang up sexy? No you hang up ? No. Nobody will hang up, it will be the time automatically πŸ˜†

  • Reading my previous bloopers about dating and someone did a very nice approach to me yesterday. Very cute, he came shirtless showing his muscular body and start talking to me. He wasn’t rude at all and said the right things, blushes once a while and go straight forward asking me out. He knew what he wanted and what to say and that didn’t sound fuckboy at all. He tried to convince me by walking with me a moment and tried again to ask me out. I gave him my number and he texted in less than an hour after. That was a flawless approach. Of course, it was a no-go the moment he approaches me πŸ˜† Why? cuz he is mid-20, no real job, no real passion and no social media. If I was early 20 with almost nothing, I would definitely date him. So guys take note if you wanna seduce a girl randomly outside but I would highly recommend to work on your social media for the reason of => who the hell you are and work on having money. Money is important. Money solve all relationships and dating problem.

  • If you are wondering what would be my type of non paid date, it would be: We meet somewhere random, there is a thing already just by seeing each other, we got each infos and ready to go for a date. You pick me up with your helicopter in Canada and we are going in Paris for our dinner date cuz best food are there, after dinner, we walk around Paris streets, give our 1st kiss facing the Eiffel tower then I’m ready for bed. We take the helicopter again and I’ll be the pilot. We are going to a nice place in Dubai and if we make it alive we will have sex all night πŸ˜† If you bring me coffee and breakfast the next morning, I might call you back πŸ˜† Please, ask me why I’m single again 🀣

  • I’m starting to be very sad knowing I’ll leave Vancouver at the end of the month. It’s the 1st time, I’m working outside of touring dates. It’s very different for me, especially for new dates and I kinda like it. I might add social time and dinner date this upcoming year. Someone highly well-spoken of someone here in Vancouver and I’m starting to miss having a girlfriend, and some duo time. I’ll offer duo time again eventually if it’s high-end with bubbles and maybe some party… πŸ˜† ;P