April 27, 2021 1251pm
  • Good morning β˜• A few spot available for my last week in Vancity πŸ’– I accept prebookings mainly and same day booking if screening has been checked for new dates πŸ₯‚πŸ’–

  • Somehow, we got thousands of visitors past 3 days here without ad compare to hundreds daily. I’m not sure what have caught people interest. Is it Bucky? πŸ˜† Or maybe the I have said it was last time I will do a touring thing ? I was mainly talking forΒ  short time such as 2-3 days in a city then another one directly. Its too hard on the body and I don’t take time off during those days πŸ˜†

  • A few new upcoming modifs on Sexize as well, will keep updates πŸ’– Funny thing is I told my friend we are about 500 on this membership site but I can’t promote people schedule on it cuz that’s not the main point of the site. We have started about 400 from destinyxu.com, you don’t see it cuz people told me they didn’t know how to use my site, sniff sniff. So I passed my time to improve it, add new features and make it user-friendly. The moment it will be completed and with the interface I like, I will promote it well πŸ’– If I keep promoting it and there are not enough activities, I will lose people’s interest, lose lots of money in the publicity thing and it costs money and time to build it. We are about 500-1000 active members out west. About 1000 active members in the BC area. Probably 1k also in Toronto area and another 1k in the Mtl area but I don’t serve those areas for personal reasons. About a few hundred active members in the east coast area. I would say about 5-10% of them are active to post on boards and others are lurkers. Add about 70% of those total numbers, you will find the curious ones and the once-a-while lurkers outside of the active members. The nicest ones, the hottest ones and the wealthiest ones are probably on destinyxu.com πŸ˜† Keep in mind, active members are hot customers cuz they are ready to meet now. If you see lots of users eg on twitter or somewhere its cumulated over time. Maybe I will create advertisements on destinyxu.com? I dunno, I’m not necessarily ready to be retired, let’s see what I can with it.

  • Speaking of ad, Jaina Darcy is in Vancouver for a visit. Please, pay her a visit, she is a sweetheart πŸ’– + I will give you FREE access to her content until May 1st πŸ₯‚ Add code “jainabc” at checkout πŸ₯‚ No worries, Jaina will get paid, complimentary of me πŸ₯‚ You can find her profile in my creator tab πŸ’–