April 30, 2021 934pm
  • Hi sexy world πŸ’–

  • Last Day in Vancity 😒 sniff sniff, I’ll miss beautiful city🧑 next time will probably next fall, hope I can throw a little party for the other site πŸ₯³ ill save some budget for it and…πŸ₯° stay tuned and keep following me πŸ₯°πŸ₯° there is someone I’m highly interested to have on board, I can’t remember who he or she was but she interviewed SP and ask infos and share topics and it. If you know who she is, message me 🧑

  • wanna some laugh? I simply can’t stop laughing on this one ⬇️ Do I really need to translate in english? 🀣🀣 that ad has made so many ppl uncomfortable on social media it came viral in east coast 🀣 I hesitate which is the funniest one between this one or the blackface or JT 🀣

  • Last time, ill say, Jaina Darcy is in Vancouver for a visit and you can add code “jainabc” at checkout for FREE content until May 1st πŸ₯‚ No worries, Jaina will get paid, complimentary of me πŸ₯‚ You can find her profile in my creator tab πŸ’–