May 3, 2021 1228am
  • Late evening dx world 🀩

  • Yes I have made it back in east coast easily. I forgot our potholes. Is Vancouver know what potholes are? Those are created by brutal winter & snow which leave small and massive holes on the roads. When you drive on it it looks like you have hit a pavement or a dead body and you think your car will stop working or will loose pieces. Bonus, there are potholes every 2 meters like the sanitary rules and roads are re-made every year for extra traffic πŸ˜’

  • Thank you everyone for seeing me in Vancouver, I had a blast and it had made my trip unforgettable 🀩🧑 Β For those who are asking, I’ve seen main ppl, so I know their health condition, jobs etc and I screened every new dates, so I’m still negative on covid and everything was totally fine 🧑 I know my rates are high but I have mainly my main dates and new solid dates and I’ve been always busy everyday except my off days even with the covid situation. I have to mentioned cuz some girls think those rates mean high end. I had made more money being a simple low key call girl in my beginnings years than now. 1. Because Alberta had money to throw by the window a few years ago. And 2. Because its a non-stop business. You dont know who you gonna meet and you dont care as long as business is done. I remember the Irish girl, she worked so hard and was so proud to do and be a popular girl. It was mainly very old and not hot dudes πŸ˜’Randy was so proud of her making and savings 25k under her bed. Of course, I have never told them, this is what I made easily a week without proving anything… well, its a late talk cuz I don’t want girls think its normal or rates worth your person cuz you will probably only have a date once a while if you are not established and there is so more much money to do than proving yourself

  • speaking of late talk, I want a new design for soon. I don’t know what it will looks like or what I want cuz.. during my trip in Vancouver, something great happened to me and finally, I have been to solidify everything. Its not selling a property the reason. I won’t necessary need to work anymore at all… I can have my 1st tattoo now without worrying about being discover on the other life πŸ˜†I can have a unique hair color now πŸ˜† I will be back on an healthy lifestyle and be back in topshape and Ill do it, only for me. That is where people bug and will always bug.Β I love dating real, great person and having fun time so maybe I’ll see only my main dates and the upcoming elite class only. Yes, it has been a great year for DX 🀩πŸ₯‚ took me forever to get there πŸ˜† and I’ll be able to reach my main goal life. Nobody knows what this goal is except my mom, I told her when I was a kid and I never give up since them πŸ’ͺ🀩 Thank you everybody for following and have seen me in the past year. Keep following me on Sexize and here 🧑 I still continue this as long as it will take for the business to take off πŸ’ͺ✈️