June 18, 2021 806pm
  • What’s up destinyxu.com? πŸ’™

  • Long time no post, didn’t forget you πŸ˜‰ DX is busy πŸ’‹

  • Many contacted me, I’m still thinking about the future of Destiny XU and destinyxu.com. If you haven’t read my previous Bloopers, finally DX doesn’t need to work anymore Yippeee πŸ’ͺ PS: no sugar daddy btw => Just preventing badmouths. I don’t know if I will travel and get another type of clientele or simply just trying to give my little 2 cents in the industry since my blacklisted guys brought me out like stupid guys with no life or a very unhappy life πŸ™„Β  and I listen to a Podcast about a girl who has been in the industry and has been raped and has very bad experiences etc and she kept it going because she didn’t felt her value enough to stop them. People facing bad experiences will have it for life. And I have read Victoria’s Secret is changing their image, now they want to please the woman image and not for the man but the thing is people always think its for man but it has never been for “the man” but it always been for girls eye… wtv I will someday develop on it. I dunno, I have so much knowledge in the field, it would be nice to help or do something still but on the other way its an extremely delicate topic cuz fragile people will always blame others and if I don’t do enough, I will get shit even if I’m trying. On the other way, if I don’t do it, who will do it? So I’m thinking about what would be best for destinyxu.com and yes on Sexize. It’ll require a little bit of time πŸ’‹