Sept 16, 2021 935am
  • Good early morning DX world from BC ❤️ Yupp I have arrived yesterday 🥰 and yupp it was a long flight bouu bouuuu. This trip is so unprepared, I have been so busy past few weeks, so I didn’t have time to make it on every boards and I think I have a hate/love relationship with perb 😆 Someone told me he posted and it haven’t worked out but anyways I will be better prepare next time and it will be time for DX for a tune up even the site too 😉 I’m not sure if I will stop in AB for this trip, I may have a few things coming up next week out east… TBC soon 💋

  • Looking at stats and I got lots of visitors since my last posts 😆 Yupp, things happen ❤️ but most important, life goes on ❤️ but I really think I should keep it up on the Sexize Project and a Destiny XU book. It could truly have helped me when I started life as an independent teenager/young adult, it can help others as well and give a very different perspective on everything

  • I have mentioned a cool spot in TO, I can mentioned a cool spot in Vancity as well, I vcall it Breka 🥰🥰 Its probably the best Latte I got everywhere. Best Cafe are in Paris and best Cappucino where in Ireland surprisingly.

  • Another photo since I realized I have posted one 💖 I usually don’t post gift or anything else during my time because guys and moments are different and extras are not mandatory. Big Thanks to Sexy Lane for the Whiskey and others things 💖💖💖 I am a fan of great whiskey. We tried couple ones since then 😉

  • Have a good day everyone 💋💋💋 I will have openings today & tmr 💋