May 11th, 832am
  • Good morning guys πŸ’‹

  • Something Extremely Weird just happened to me. I have booked a flight a few days ago for this morning to Vancouver and I have received the confirmation for this PM… Same time, same flight but in PM instead. I didn’t understand what happened when I tried to check in online yesterday until I saw PM… I thought I made a mistake which is quite hard to believe since I always book one the 1st flight in AM but they changed it in PM… So basically, when I got the email, its says 8:10PM but when I clicked into my details flights, it says 8:10AM… OMG, I have never seen this before and I was kinda of thrilled trying the new Air Transat aircrafts, I rarely flew with them but I think it will be the last one… I mean What the heck is that? Look below my flight details

  • and now look at my confirmation flight 😱😱😱😱

  • I am very sorry about my dates today, I’ll need to reschedule all of you from today. It will be a shorter trip for me in beautiful Vancouver πŸ™ Ill arrive in Vancity 2nite since I know 2nite the flight is active but DAMNNN, they really have difficulties to catch on after covid. Its a disaster. I mean, did they really think AM and PM was the same? Im not even sure why they don’t use the 24hrs time writing than AM and PM.

  • See you soon Vancouver and out west 🧑