May 31st, 917am
  • Good morning sexy world 🥰

  • Last day in Stoon🧡 I may have skipped Peg city for this trip but Ill try to reschedule it on my calendar this june 🥰 Thanks SK in advanvced, unless it will be for private dates inquiry or getaway, I don’t think Ill visit again cuz 1st. you are very short in flights and its  hard to get here last minute but we never know whats life have for me? By meaning, some people can always ripped me off again and I have to tour again and again 😆 Ah la la, life at his best lol. If you have missed thoses bloopers last summer, basically I sold my place, make a bunch of money and some people I thought were relatives ripped me off 😆 But the great news are, I have the greatest people who has supported me during this horrible time, especiallly some Mr Don (when ill get super rich, ill get you another statue someday)🥰 I can laugh now of it cuz I will have everything fixed soon, by meaning, Im very closed to retrieve them and enjoying kicking their ass and not only that, I have found my own way for DX personal future wealth 🥰 Ive been working really hard on this. Conclusion of this story: there is always a light in dark places. I know love is the biggest goal for many but for me, its money 😆 Im enjoying making money then you can do whatever you wanna do and love whoever you wanna love🥰🥰

  • Scrolling social media and see how cool Camille Vasquez is kicking Amber’s ass 😆 So great to see the world loving a woman in power but so not cool to see how they put emphasis on “she is probably dating Johnny Depp”. Its feel like if a woman cannot be successful without banging a rich man. Its like the dr Shannon Curry. The only thing I read is she’s hot and she is probably dating Johnny!! Omg the world should really stop having those stigma on woman. Both of them are in relationships and probably married. Many of these stigmas are also made by woman themselves. How ironic isnt it? I have told someone recently a woman in business will always have more difficulties than man in business. Why? because of those specific stigmas. Its like if we are obliged to the man and the society still. In a regular basis life, I love being normal, I love being undone and in sneakers but the society will always look for the woman 1st. Oh her shoes aren’t great, her hair arent nice, her makeup isnt done  bla bla bla💩😆 and those comments are made mainly by woman themselves. So what I am saying here is, woman will never be respected and in power if other woman wont allows them to do so and stop those stigmas and judgement from “what a woman should be or not to be”.

  • Lil revised here on my schedule for PEG, it should looks like: Calgary airport: June 8, Winnipeg June 9 & 10, Edm June 11 to 13, Vancity 14 to 17. TO & Halifax as schedule 💖💖

  • Hope this bloopers isnt too long but have a great day all💖💖💖