June 8th, 12pm
  • Good morning sexy world 🧡🧡
  • Yupp in YYC 🥰 winnipeg tmr 💋 damn lots of travelling but winnipeg was kinda important since it might be my last trip over there.
  • Another important point, TO iz really hard to get a room on my touring dates. I have no ideas whats going on maybe an important show happens but we are 2 weeks prior my visit dates and I can’t already find a room in my hotels 😕 its the high season as well, so its getting harder to find a place 🥲 so I was planning to move for June 23 & 24 💖 ill try to make it on june 22nd as well but Im so not sure with hotels, sorry guys, I don’t like to move my dates but sometimes flights and hotels oblige me to 😢 and I doubt ppl wants to be away of DT area 💋💋💋
  • Lil update here on my schedule: I have availabiliy left in peg city on june 10 in PM and Edmonton on june 13. Its fully booked in Vancity but you can always ask, if schedule are align, we can make something up 🥰🥰 Yippee, its gonna be great time🥰 I might be in USA all summer but lets see if I can make that happens 💋
  • Have a great day all💖💖💖