June 10th, 842am
  • Good morning all 🥰🥰
  • In Peg City 😉 For probably a very last time. Im glad to have been able to catch up with someone from the beginning related to my previous ex duo friend Roksi. I can now close and locked down that chapter of my life since the person is doing well and remember I felt guilty when I came to picked her in Ireland because he disappeared and left the industry he loved and I thought it was because of me? Well, he is doing well and back into business lol. I was wondering why I had visitors from ireland this previous winter and spring and realized it was her stalking me😆Well, we are no longer friends and its a no way back from my end. When I hear him telling me thoses “assholes” who banned her. 1st of all, thoses assholes exposes their identity to the justice because they got a traumatic experience from her. I didn’t believed theirs actions until I experienced it myself. It was absolutely beyond traumatic and I don’t think anyone in this world should stay with someone who is facing personal and mental issues until they actually fixed their problems themselves instead of dragging people down. But as I’m closing this chapter, I don’t wanna end up with thoses bad memories, I had great memories too, e.g the moment I met her and she thought I was an absolute idiot not being independant lol or when I was in Ireland, we partied hard and went to the most upscale afternoon tea of the city the next morning very smashed up and in jogging 😆 or when she laughed hard at me and make me remember last time I saw her that I have pawned the solid gold bracelet Tony gave me as a gift. Now I’m wiser and thinking about that, I would have melt the bracelet into a ring or a nice pair or earrings 😆 I have ghosted this long time seeing guy for her actually. It was his friends who got her banned and I have been a good friend to her by just walking away. I did great things for people and they don’t even realized it but now, its definitely time to turn the page for me yippeee🥰🥰🥳
  • I have some great news as well, remember I said on my previous bloopers, I’ll go in USA if I can make that happens? Oh well, I made that happens yesterday 🥳🥳🥳 Im so productive 😆 So I will switch Halifax dates again 🙁 just before leaving for USA 🥰 I was planning to move out from Mtl in a near future so I cant wait to visit some fantastic cities to see if I can fit in🥰🥰
  • + more great news, I think I’ll go out of my problems and getting to be super rich again by the end of the summer or maybe this month if everything goes well 🥳🥳🥰🤩🤩 You have no idea, the excitement I’m having to not having those giga bills, not being tied up by people and everything, to have no responsabilities anymore, Im dreaming of it 🤩🤩🤩When someone told me they came from rich families but they got no help (like they want me to say ”oh good for you, you are sooooooo Smart🙄🙄🙄”) . At least, they had a goddamn roof they are not paying while they can study or piling their cash before leaving house or trying a new business or at least they have real advices from any financials or business opinions. Oh lord, if I knew couples years ago after school couples things like to never invest your own money or not listening to others or even loans & mortgage are total *shit* or many others advices that I will keep for myself, I woudn’t be in this situation but as I amazing business woman 😆 I’ll get out of it🥳🥳🥰🤩🤩 A little revised here when someone told me about my age, you would be so surprised that I am younger and or about the same age of major girls 😆
  • I think this blooper is long so good reading and see you soon Edmonton and Vancouver🥰