Bedtime Story

Creation of DX


After the Tome 1, I have been pointed out on a brutal thread saying’ I didn’t look as my review said. It was badly said on the Vancouver board while the majority of them serve to nourish the negativity, explanation and what to do on Xlist tab. I had to justify myself cuz I had forgotten the famous DX world and people needed to know why sexy DX have been pointed out. So I clearly made my point on my return Tome II. I’m well-known to teach many things inside a room, maybe I’ll be well-known to teach something outside the room since the thread was made on my look “more natural at that time”. Yes, I needed to separate DX and my personal life but there is a little more… follow the story guys, I dedicate this story to my Blacklisted guys 😉



I told you I started DX to pay my tuition, I wanted you to remember this cuz many girls are coming from there, so I didn’t wanted you to judge others. I was in university yes, but truth is.. I was already in my career. I started this one when I was a teenager, I wasn’t in need to pay my tuition. So here start an uncommon story, I came for another reason.

If I’m not coming from the street what did I miss then? I must have miss something definitely.

I do. I have missed Freedom very badly in my childhood. No, I don’t need empathy now, keep reading



Almost the youngest of a big family and the unique girl. Always been overprotected. Always a no. A-l-w-a-y-s. Always felt like if I was in cage (not a real one).

I had to watch everybody around me being happy and free, everyday. I’ve been told at my 18 y/o I could do whatever I wanted to do. Damn, I dreamed about that age very badly.

Always Big Dramas. Everyday. If that was love & family, I wanted none of it later on.

My wishes came earlier than my 18 y/o. My parents split when I was early teenager. It was the greatest and the happiest day of my life. I was finally free. I was 13.

While my family tried to stick the pieces together, I was already far away. The moment I finished high school, I left home and I went to a specialize private high end college. The type of my Vancouver spoiled asian kiddo in my Xlist tab. Yupp, that’s how I know how they looks, what they want and how they think lol.

I got a job in the same field in the middle of my studies.

Where the heck now?

At the end of my diploma, I talked to the oldest classmate of the program randomly. She was probably 27y/o while me and mostly everybody was under legal age. She had too much for her age and she wasn’t a spoiled kid. So I ask her how she did.

“I’m an escort”

I had never heard any of it before. I don’t even think I knew coke could be something else than a drink… Yup, that kind of girl. I was totally in the blank when she talked about it, she was so ashamed of it and I wondered why, from my perspective, she was independent and she paid all her bills herself. I really admired it.

Then that was it, everything was set in life, finished school, been in university for extras knowledge, career 8 to 5 and I was not even 20 y/o.


I wasn’t free.

Bills, Bosses. Yelling, Dramas.

I just took a look around and think about my future who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

I always admire those big guys since I’m a kid. I wanted their freedom badly. I wanted to be like them. I wasn’t that type of girl who could go that far by herself but I knew I could make it. I was so shy. So polite. So delicate. That kind of little princess.

I needed strength and power. I was very far from it.

I was very young and I didn’t wanted to be in a relationship and have a family for the next upcoming years, so I started to look into it, a completely different world from mine, I will call it, my Vice. I didn’t exactly had the profile at the very beginning since I haven’t grew up in that world or any dark world but I had all the attributes needed.

I thought at 1st it would be those pristine girls who have it all, money, cars, travelling and was those fantasy of all men. I was so wrong, it was a very dark world. I look further and I found my previous agency. They were great, nice and professional. So, I took the plunge.

I didn’t left my life behind, I still CK (Clark Kent) in personal life, trying to be better for my own future and I have DX to help me achieving it. Surrounding myself with others passionate ladies in the business, motivated me to be better in it and I just did it, I have became the famous Destiny XU.

I took a very selfish path all those years and I did it, I am the person I wanted to be and I have everything I want. All by myself. If you asked me how business really look inside. Its like any kind of business, you can do so wrong or you can do well. You can be the one on party all the time, you can be the one being ashamed of it or you can be the one who is travelling where you want, meet the greatest person you wanna meet and do whatever you want. The kind of freedom and happiness mostly everybody is trying to reach.



So whats the point with my natural look now, you can ask? I just told you I took a very selfish path for many years but last year I realized I wanted to be closer to people. Instead of intimidating them, I wanted to be with them, all of them. I wanted them to like me for me and not only for my look or anything I have. I guess I have not only forgotten DX but myself also. Its a good thing reminding me to take care of myself cuz life is nothing without health but you have to remember, if you only talk about the look and the outside layer, you are the blind one and you are going to miss many things behind. This is where I’ll make a connection with real life and DX life since many look only at the surface 1st. I’m going to have lots of fun in both world, Welcome on the next level Yupp, those guys have pointed out my look on that time while behind, I really have it all 😉

End of the lesson.

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