Bio - Destiny XU

Introduçing Me

I am a fitted vietnamese french canadian standout lady.
I am well-reviewed for an unforgivable experience.
I have that gaze that makes you smile.
I have that mesmerizing look that blows your mind.
I have those words that makes you comfortable.
I have that sense of humor that everybody loves.
I have that confidence that drives people crazy.
I am over skilled in bed.
I am Destiny XU.

My Stats

I am standing 5’6, 5’9 with heels.
I’m a 26-years old experienced lady.
I have those amazing proportion 32D-23-33.
I have that pretty face with those captivating eyes and fully lips.
I have a perfect shaped squatted ass.
I have that brain that you gonna love. Lol, of course you won’t come for my brain 😉 but I’m a great conversationalist.


Its been a while since my 1st day in the business. I have met so many people, so many great guys, so many great encounters, so much fun. 1st time i’m showing my face and body on my site but its time for me to accept Destiny XU as a part of my life. I always been the one who doesn’t wants to get out, not being seen, quite funny cuz I was in dt calgary getting a coffee while everybody stopped and texted me, saying “Hi, they have seen me”. I replied: not me. LOL I know, i’m funny, of course it was me. I always told people staying away from close relationship in this business and I’m gonna be the one you will know most after my Tome 4. Lol, I know, I am hilarious. Yes, I always live a double life, you know like Clarke Kent as Superman ;P

Someone pointed out at me that I wasn’t Destiny XU as describe in the reviews, that was intense and brutal. He was a teenager, he was that kind of super-fan or weirdo who texted me all day and I didn’t wanted to see him so he tried on another phone number the next day, all afternoon. I know so creepy. I was free at some point, he kept contacting so I said, come over my goodness. He wanted The Take a Breath moment when I opened the door or to know what kind of girl a well-reviewed topgirl can be lookalike. I was Destiny XU but I didn’t have all the package look at that moment. Its like Batman without his Bat mobile, he still Batman and save people, he just doesn’t have his bat mobile at that moment. So, I still Destiny XU and still saving people → You know what I mean 😉

If you wanna know my look at that time, I was sun kissed and had a basic makeup. So when I teenager really exited to meet you and he saw a natural sun kissed me without any artifice, any heels, he was very disappointed. At his age, I would have shown a diamond necklace and he would have been excited.

The reason of that missed look, is my personal life have been taken on top this year. I was drained and needed Destiny XU like never. But I did missed out on few point and I did forget I was a big name. Some people are surrounded by same people in the business, so the focus and pleasure is always there for them. For me, its different,  I’m pressure by my personal life where there is no way of DX. Yupp, a real double life. I started to do social media as well, I got popular, I kept the DX look only for social media and I’d met a serious guy at that time. Facts doesn’t help to keep DX alive. When crisis came and I tour, I totally forgot about my DX world. Yes, even after all theses years. When the focus isn’t there, you are just a girl like another. But the problem is, DX isn’t a girl like others and having a bad thread just waking me up more. It is time for me to take her at a next level.

Game on guys, time for DX to play

My DX Look

I love myself. With or without any artifices, I simply love and am completely happy with myself. But it wasn’t always been that case.

I have worked really hard on myself to reach the person I wanna be and the one I wanna look.

I have taken care of myself for years but its a constant work. I must have been a great girl, life has given me everything I had wishing for. Yup, all natural, no surgery (except for my boobies hihi). I really wanted to keep myself as much natural as possible. Every time I’m seeing a girl with lots of surgeries, it breaks my heart because I know behind those surgeries or even lip injection, someone have told them they were not perfect. If someone is ever telling you, you aren’t perfect or good enough, just don’t listen to them or use theses mistakes or words to learn and improve. After meeting so many people and guys, when I found someone attractive, isn’t only by the outside. Isn’t only by the inside either. The answer: its about their confidence and which level the chemistry can goes.

About me, you had asked, I will need to do a last thing on myself but I just love my entire person for now so it can wait. Yes, the result for many will blows your mind. This is my Destiny XU hot babe look. It is really a constant work to stay in shape and to look like that. You guys had making me sure I will never forget that lol.

Getting to know me – Creation of DX

I came in the business so young. I was a college student then an university student at that time. Destiny XU have backed up my tuition and my lifestyle. Then, I was in my career. Destiny XU was backing up all extras for my own luxury. Now, I have level-up my personal life and Destiny XU still backing up everything in case. I think its time for me to look at my Vice DX and to thank her for everything.

In this part you will find the very beginning until now and I think it can be great if my guys can know more about me. Many look at this world as a very bad thing without really knowing anything. But yes, obviously I am a very bad girl but that doesn’t mean this world is as bad as we heard. And its because of that fact sometimes I have difficulties getting back as The Famous Hot Babe but every time Ill tour, I just need to look at my site, reviews and guys, its just going to remind me how fun I have. Truly, Destiny XU as a dream life, she does whatever she wants, she meets whoever she wanna meet, she travels wherever she wanna travel, she drives man crazy and she is the best in bed… The list is long but I am very happy Destiny XU is me ☆

The story will be coming before my Chapter III. Stay tuned 😉