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Hello & Welcome on my Fun Life Part. I will share some funny, inedites things and sometimes answering some questions.

PS: Refresh this page once awhile to see updates 😉

Dec. 04 2019
  1. I’m still working on my IG => Follow me HERE
  2. Will take new photos tmr ♥
  3. Quote of the day:
Dec. 02 2019 – Happy December, last month of the year
  1. What a year !! Ou La La
  2. I am late for advertising, sry again I needed to confirm few things before ADs. But my schedule is now updated ♥
  3. New Photos !
  4. For the reference system, few asked. Its a common thing to asked references for guys and girls. I wanted to upload infos in a solid encrypted database and girls can have access to know who is Good to Go and No Go and it will help me to sort all my infos. But it is a long process and I can confirm now how it works: It is only shown NO GO only and everyone who wants references and like to see others girls without having the headache of it, just ask me to add you for the other ladies. I will require where & when we have met with your infos. My reference system isn’t finish yet. When it will be, it will be locked in a password that only approved ladies can have access.
Nov. 29 2019 – Happy Black Friday
  1. I wanna let you know, my TopGirl will be back in Canada ♥
  2. I have now an Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/haus_of_hot_babe/
  3. I will try to post on IG as much as I can, like daily but I will start on sunday dec. 1st. It is not a new platform I’m bringing in. It will be a new venture during the upcoming year. I just don’t wanna make ladies think it is important to show themselves on iG now.
  4. I am very late to advertise for my chapter II and I’m very sorry about it if I will need to delay my dates.
Nov. 26 2019
  1. At home since few days.
  2. Preparing my things, I will announce something soon, 2nite? Tmr?
Nov. 22 2019
  1. Arrive in Peg City ♥ Not sure if they like me saying Peg City but I think its cool.
  2. I really had great times in Vancouver, surprisingly, nobody got hurt. I will need to be back and stay a bit longer next time to make a real change.
  3. Someone noticed me the TOME meaning. I didn’t notice it doesn’t exist in english. It means VOLUME. I still let this word on my site cuz its a fancy word and I look smarter then. LOL.
  4. I might take new photos tomorrow ♥
  5. If you have read my entire site, I have prepare something that will make you speechless.. very soon. HINT: Winnipeg perbiste will be happy.
  6. I’m very excited, since a month, there is 21 407 canadians visitors on my website. My website has been visited in 24 countries, Jeez… I’m telling you I didn’t wanted to be seen at 1st… oh myy. lol.
  7. Others numbers, this week only, my website has been visited by 5 449 canadians visitors. It has been visited in 11 countries as well. Its so crazy.
Nov. 20 2019
  1. Yesterday was my 1st day of snow. I’m only excited the 1st day.
  2. New photo in my portfolio section, enjoy 😉 ps: refresh the portfolio page.
  3. On my way for Vancouver in few hours.
  4. Might share more infos later today.
  5. Seams I got my 2 guys in blacklist super fans real haters. They tried to book under false usernames with references. Guys, you can’t smash me and you can’t fool me. Those bullshits really need to stop and I’m very excited to do so.
Nov. 17 2019
  1. I’m sharing a new photo in my portfolio section, enjoy 😉 ps: refresh the portfolio page.
  2. You may wonder why I’m showing my face now. Well, because the thread insulted me on something ppl cannot see.. so problem solved. I will probably blur it after my Hot Babe Return Series but I really like taking sexy photos, so let’s see.
  3. I think I like the acronym DXU. Credit given to Lazyboi on cafreviews.com
  4. I am behind my schedule on this trip cuz I’m eating and sleeping pretty bad. Sometimes, I missed my flight lol. I will probably say it here if it happens again 😉
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