Thanks to all for my reviews 😉

Destiny XXX

This afternoon I was lucky enough to visit Destiny XXX. I sent her a message and was able to set up a 1 hour session. I won’t get into details about what happened because it’s ymmv. Destiny is a young sexy asian-french women with a great attitude, smile and is intelligent with excellent conversation skills. I believe we really hit it off and have good chemistry. I will definitely see her again but for a longer session. My overall experience was a 10/10.

She has been in town a number of times, but this week I was finally able to book a visit with Destiny Xu. She is, as the reviews have said a very perfect bodied little Asian/French lady that responds very well to a lot of attention. I have seen her website before, but this time really tried to study for the test ahead, she does look that good and even better. She was quietly quite vocal, and very easy to talk to while taking play breaks. All I can say is that it was possibly one of the best 2 hour meetings I have ever had.


It’s my first review with hot, stunning, and good personality Lady, Destiny Xu. I saw her twice when she came with Winnipeg on July 21 & 22. When it was the first time to see her, I was so nervous that I forgot to bring my phone until I already arrived at her incall location and realized I didn’t have my phone to contact her so I quickly drove back to my home to pick up the phone and text her to let her know that I was late but she was still able to accommodate me. Anyway I had wonderful time together. She makes me felt so comfortable and relaxed even though I was so nervous. I won’t go into detail but she is totally recommended. I will definitely see her again when she come to Winnipeg. Thank you so much for your time babe. Looking forward to the day you come here again 

This girl is all class and total hotness. In call one of the nicest hotels in Calgary so I dressed as if I was going to a business meeting.

The hour went by fast, so much fun, fantastic body and pretty face. Girl You so fine.

That lazy doggie god damn finished me so fast hehe we cuddled and talked and went for round 2. Today is a GREAT day 

Thank you Destiny and hope to see you again!

She ‘is’ AWESOME !
I keep missing her visits this year, she was offline for a while
How did you make the connection?
I really want to see her again. Thanks.

I’ve been wanting to see Destiny Xu for a while now. Between her incredible photos and the great recommendations of fellow CAF’ers, I was pretty bummed out when my schedule didn’t line up with her past two visits. But this time when I found out she was coming to town, I booked her right away.

Fast forward to me arriving at her hotel room. The door opened and there was a beautiful and sexy Destiny, in a killer red bra and panty set that looked great on her petite and perfect little body. Her long blonde hair framed her pretty face. We hugged and kissed and started joking around immediately, like we were old friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

A quick shower to freshen up and before I knew it I was cuddling with Destiny on the bed. Cuddling led to kissing. Kissing led to fondling. Fondling led to nakedness. And nakedness led to me eating her pussy. A pretty natural progression when friends get together, right? 🙂 I discovered a few things about Destiny during this exploration. First of all, Destiny has a great sense of humour. Also, Destiny is a very sensual kisser. I also discovered that Destiny has the kind of soft, smooth, touchable caramel-tanned skin that makes you want to spend hours caressing and kissing every inch of her gorgeous body. Another thing I discovered were her tiny perfect little nipples, which were so much fun to suck and play with. And I discovered her perfectly proportioned tits that those nipples were attached to. I discovered how pretty her pussy looks, how delicious it tastes and how wet it gets. And last, but (butt?) not least, I discovered how amazing her ass is to both hold and behold, and how enjoyable it is to go tongue-diving in her cute little bum.

And what was my most important discovery of all? That Destiny Xu is a sex machine! I discovered that the following sequence of events – sloppy BBBJ, RCG, doggy, mish, sideways mish, doggy, lazy doggy, mish, doggy, standing mish, mish, doggy – leads to a messy cumshot all over her back and ass cheeks.

The perfect end to a sunny Friday afternoon with a gorgeous and sexy lady. See you again soon, Destiny. And hopefully next time we’ll get to explore some of those adventures we talked about. 

Destiny Xu, One of the Most BEAUTIFUL, Sensual, enticing & Sweetest tasting woman ever to grace this planet. All the time in the world, is still Not enough to spend between her thighs.

There is one word that describes the session I just had with Destiny and that word is unforgettable. Let’s first establish that Destiny is honestly one of the prettiest girls you will see period, let alone in the industry. After getting over the initial shock at what a babe she was she gave me some sweet kisses and I went off to get showered up. After I came out it was one of the hottest sessions I have ever had. I honestly think we had sex for an hour straight, it was easily the longest sex I’ve ever had and it was incredible the entire time. The whole time we were kissing, switching positions, tasting each other until finally it was time to finish. Destiny is so much fun and maybe next time we can chat a little more rather than just bang the entire hour away. I guarantee I will be seeing her when she comes back to Edmonton, whenever that may be. Until then I’ve got far too many mental images to keep me happy. Damn! Hell of a time. It’ll be hard to top but I’m sure we can try next time. Thanks again beautiful.

Just had a hour session with Destiny and she’s is amazing! Lotsa daty, bbbj, Lfk multiple positions and she’s so responsive to daty. Sat on my face which was crazy good (almost suffocated) She leaves today back to Montreal so sad. But back next month.
She is the best!!!

I found a spare hour today between work meetings and I decided to have a lunch break with Destiny Xu, best damn lunch I had in a while let me tell you…
We clicked right off the bat, this girl knows how to please and she took real good care of me, left with a Kool Aid smile! After our session, went straight back into another business meeting just glowing 🙂 if I only had one more hour with her it would have been a hat trick!

Thank you Destiny Xu, until we meet again.

Definitely will repeat

Pretty girl, great body, open menu, sexy accent, GFE+.
Sense of humour, easy going, made me comfortable right away, very chill and playful.
She prepped for a round 2 but I ran out of time. Sadness. 
She is gone now, me thinks, but she is worth seeing … and I will likely do so again.

Safe travels Destiny – thanks for the great afternoon, hope to see you again.…hlight=destiny


Been wanting to see Destiny for a while now but our schedule never seemed to line up. Her last trip to Calgary, she extended it an extra day which worked perfectly. Saw her Monday morning and I’m so happy I did. Her body is perfection.
She is fit in the perfect way. Some guys think skinny girls are fit. But they aren’t. Skinny does not automatically mean fit. Destiny is not skinny in the unhealthy kind of way and she is not muscular in a masculine kind of way. You can tell she works out to be tight in all areas and is still super feminine. If you’re looking for a 90lb spinner, she is not it. I actually don’t like skinny girls like that because in doggie, it feels like you’re banging bones. But I also don’t like chubby girls. I’ve been with enough women to guess. But her height is as described, and her weight is probably just around 120 to 125. With weight in just the right places, bum and boobs. As close to perfect as can be, to me. Her skin is also super smooth and also close to perfection. Soft, supple, tight, and oh so smooth.

I usually don’t spend much time with daty or dato (at all) but her kitty and bum is also a thing of beauty and i spent a lot of time there. I understand everyone has their own tastes so let me describe mine. There is no loose skin anywhere. It’s all compact and her kitty lips are not big or puffy and they hide things perfectly. Nothing hanging out. My tongue went in as deep as it could. I got her nice and wet for the main course.

Her bum is as nice as it gets in my opinion. Not small and flat like a lot of Asian girls. But not big either. The shape and size is just right.

Her bbbj was sloppy and wet. She used a lot of spit, just the way I like it. We ended up in 69 and cg. I couldn’t last much longer and ended up blowing in her mouth. Would like to get more of that bbbj next time. I can normally last a decent amount of time as most girls tell me, but I couldn’t with Destiny.

I might book her the whole time she is here next time. Only semi kidding.

Caution: YMMV. Her and I got along well from the beginning. I’m fit and most girls think I’m pretty good looking. This comment isn’t to pump up my tires but to give you an idea that my experience is just my experience with her. Although people generally understand that all girls have a YMMV warning, I don’t want to set the wrong expectations for some people.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting destiny xu for the first time and wow!!!! It was tusday and I saw she was coming to edmonton and after reading many of her positive reviews I pulled the trigger and contacted her. She told me she only had some late night appts left and I had to regretfully decline, due to having a family. With in minutes she replied and told me she would try to get me an earlier appy and she did. 5pm we met at her hotel and upon meeting her at the door i was high fivong myself for arranging this date.

This girl has the perfect tight body and her black lingerie didnt hide any of that perfect body. She has Vietnamese blood but was born and raised in Quebec. Her enhanced breasts are perfect on her already statuesque body. She greated me with lots of kissing and touching and hot bedroom talk. After ushering me to the shower she was waiting for me on the bed rubbing and touching herself and wanting my hard cock pressed on her wet pussy. After much sucking and licking I melted in her mouth and she took it all.

We finished off the session with with much more oral, reverse c.g and her laying back on top of me from reverse c.g. Destiny Xu lived up to her already huge stack of positive reviews. Guys if you havent seen the godess WTF are you waiting for. Warm, welcoming, smart, funny, seductive and incredibly sexy is just the tip of this girls Iceberg.

Until we meet again Miss Xu

Well, I just had the pleasure of an hour with miss Destiny. She is an amazing lady. I enjoyed every minute!! She meets you at the door in a very sexy outfit and then takes absolute care of you in every way.

I consider the female bottom a wonderful thing. Destiny has one of the finest, tightest, shapely little bottoms I have ever seen. Wow. Just plain old fashioned wow.

She is amazing.


After some time not seen her, o had the chance to visit again this beautiful and sexy lady.
Even with a short notice Destiny was able to accomodate to the best of my schedule and gave her coordinates with enough anticipation for me to plan ahead. She is staying in a high end hotel very well located.
At the time of the date i went to her room and once the doors openned here she was wearing a very sexy lingerie. She welcomed me with a nice kiss and hug. We had some more kisses and touching before i took a quick shower.
After the shower she was waiting for me on her bed, where we started to play.
After many months without seen her, Destiny is now better than ever and with improved boobs and with that ass to die for….
No going into details, but i spent a very intense session with her and eneded completely exhausted and happy to see this wonderful lady again.

She is extending her staying in Calgary, so i stringly recommend to visit her while she is still here

Destiny, thanks for that wonderful afternoon and hope to have the chance to see you again soon and try more of you 

A good long time ago when I first met Roksi she told me about her friend Destiny and how she was sure we would greatly enjoy spending some time with each other. I looked at her ads on CAF however she didn’t come to Calgary for awhile after that. When she did I couldn’t line up my schedule with the days she was coming so after a couple year it finally all sync’d up on Saturday.

She’s a gorgeous, petite Asian lady with smooth skin, good sized breasts a teeny tiny waist and small, round and firm butt that was just dying to be held on to! She was also wearing my favorite lingerie, garters and stockings! We chatted a little in between kisses and after a spin in the shower I found her on the bed ready to go. She likes to tease it seems and it got things off to a great start, running hands all over the little body was certainly my pleasure. She’s fairly vocal and seemed to read into my likes quickly. I think we wound up in 69 for close to 15 or 20 mins and I could have spent the day like that, she gives an incredible blowjob in my opinion. She also likes to be on top and she is very good at it, her reverse cowgirl position is really unique and provides a view that I wish I had more than just a mental picture of! Destiny is a bit insatiable, getting me close a couple times and then saying she wants more and not to finish yet is certainly not something I mind hearing! We took it right to the wire and nearly finished to the minute of our hour, I was ready for a nap by that point!

I see she is sticking around a couple more days, if I were staying in town I’d pay her another visit however I’ll have to wait for her next tour out this way.

She is amazingly fun

Spent an hour with Destiny Xu on Monday. She has a number of stellar reviews and I had been eyeing her. Fortunately I could make time on Monday and so glad that I did.

She is very sensuous, open minded and willing to please. As I entered the room, I saw a very beautiful lady. awesome figure, great body, dressed in a sexy outfit. I was excited. A quick rinse and we were ready to play. there was some conversation, but I could not keep my hands off her, and soon we were into it. Without going into details, we tried a number of items on her menu and really enjoyed the session. She made sure that my needs were met. Very soon the hour was up, it was time to leave. Overall, it was a great timer.

Will see he again when she returns to Edmonton.

It was easy to book with Destiny. I sent a text at noon and by 2 pm I was in her company. She answered the door in a very sexy outfit. I found her to be gorgeous. Firm toned body and beautiful facial features, a lovely smile. After shower we talked and kissed. DATY very much fun. BBBJ even more fun. 69 went on for a long time. Then multiple positions and ka-boom in doggie. I really enjoyed her slight accent and soft gentle voice during the session. And we had a nice talk afterwards, then the hour was up. I will see her again next time she comes through Edmonton. Ten Ten Ten. Thanks Destiny

One Word: WoW !

End of review.

First time booking with her, deffinetely an incredible radiating woman. Beautiful long blond hair, gorgeous figure, stimulating body complemented with a tiny waist that I couldn’t wait to get to grab on to.

Her pics are easily accurate however I would say even sweeter in person. A very sensual combination of Asian and French heritage really elevating her to such another level of appealing excellence.

She’s quick to engage with a very caressing nature while expressing a lot of genuine affection. Continuously speaking ever so softly to me in such a seducing manner throughout. She embraced me at every turn. Simply unrestrained in giving while gently teasing and beeing motively playful using all her dynamic feminine assets.

She possesses a very flaunting body, smooth skin, kissable lips and such precious eyes and face. Found her to emit a lot of sexuality. Truly warm and tender illuminating lady. Certainly desirable, creative and skilled. She was flawless throughout our time. Took tremendous care of me. Lots of energy and very passionate. A sincere, glowing and graceful demeanor to her. Had an exemplory encounter with Destiny and would easily repeat.

well as a change of pace. i was able yo book with Destiny 2 weeks ago. Definitly worth the wait. Her body is just amazing. nice hotel with easy access to elevator and close parking.
Service was very good. absolutly no rushing and very interactive.
highly reccomend

Saw destiny couple days ago and all I can say is wow she really could be a playboy model,so hot.very friendly and easy to talk to. I may be a little old for her but would definitely still repeat,thanks hun,cowboy.

Wow… What other words are there to describe Destiny. I understand why a number of others use that word in reviews about her. She leaves you speechless.
At the end of the day when a smoking hot lady like Destiny choses to spend time with me I certainly feel lucky. She likely gets many texts. I don’t partake often so for me to have two recent references that haven’t forgot me (I guess I don’t leave a lasting impression lol), vanished, or reply a request for a reference is sometimes tough to do. Destiny asked for references and I thought mine weren’t going to be adequate.
Services were excellent, of course. I was on a mission with Destiny. I was able to set aside some shyness and ask her to do something for me that always makes me good to go. I usually worry too much about pleasing the lady and this time I feel that I was selfish. Sorry about that Destiny! Perhaps I may make up for it next time. A very good time was had. Next time she’s in town go for it gents Destiny is a great lady to spend time with!

Thank you Destiny
Au revoir

I saw the very sexy Ms. Destiny Xu today in Saskatoon. I had seen her a few years ago and she was all that I remembered.

She’s got an ad now on CAF and if her pictures were on a Backpage ad you’d say to yourself “too good to be true.” Except they aren’t, they’re her and they’re accurate. Aside from her perfect body, she’s friendly, professional and seemed very much to enjoy herself.

YMMV but I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s right up there with Sensual Jen and Logan, who some long time hobbyists might remember from GOE.

Thanks for the enjoyable session, Destiny, and I look forward to your next visit. 🙂

E of I

A number of things came up in the past couple weeks that’ve prevented me from leaving a review.

Communication via email was good, once it got going. I made the mistake of sending her an inquiry a little too far ahead of her touring dates. In the end though, she and I were able to hammer out an appropriate time for our visit.

An hour before our visit however, Destiny relayed some bad news to me: our intended third-party would not be able to make it. 
I was deflated, understandably. That said, I (and she) still wanted to continue with the visit nonetheless, so we went onward. 

Her incall (southside hotel) was clean and quiet. Easy to find, and more than enough parking nearby.

I won’t go into details of the visit (we played tiddly-winks, for those who’re curious), but here’s the gist of it:

Pictures are accurate.
Activities are accurate.
Time spent was thoroughly enjoyed.

Will I repeat?
That’s a toughie, as I rarely repeat but she certainly has a certain… je ne sais quoi about her.

Perhaps Destiny can help work out a duo with Roksi some time and I’ll bite… Not too hard, obviously. 

Destiny Xu is all about winning at life. I know of no better way to say it. Asian, platinum blonde, and French-Canadian, you could say that makes her unreal awesome three times over, but that would be the lamest of understatements. I had the pleasure of visiting this trifecta of feminine sensual perfection yesterday, and I have never been so thankful in my pooning double life for the opportunity to take a post-romp shower, because she had me overheated to exploding-thermonuclear-warhead levels and absolutely drenched in sweat–and it had nothing to do with the hot summer weather. Take my word for it and skip the damned gym if you’re planning on exercising with Miss Destiny Xu. She’ll give you one of the most high-intensity workouts of your life, and you’ll be seriously glad you conserved every last bit of cellular energy going in. This marvelous woman is aptly named, I think, because she’s probably inflicted fatal episodes of cardiac arrest on at least a few gentleman Johns, who are not to be pitied in the least because they died supremely happy with huge grins on their faces and even bigger boners scraping at the sky. Passionate to the point of fiery, Destiny is certainly not for those who are weak of heart.

Wow, where to start–what this girl is capable of doing in the bed is so extraordinary, I think I’m going to have to begin by wading in, running through all the mundane details first. I’ll start with the booking: I found Destiny to be remarkably organized, professional, prompt, and courteous. My booking email was almost immediately answered with a sweetly charming response, and when I had to unexpectedly re-schedule on her, despite her busyness on this very short visit to our city, Destiny was nevertheless able to accommodate me. Just be sure to give her the advance notice that she requests on her website. But I’d say that Destiny is definitely not one to reschedule on–believe me, you don’t want to run the risk of missing out on this girl.

Destiny was staying in a reasonably decent–but quite spacious–downtown condo adjacent to the core. Given that it’s a large, busy building, she told me that she’ll likely be doing a downtown hotel for her next trip to Calgary, which she informed me could be as soon as next month. OH YEAH. We should all gently encourage her to make good on these plans, although maybe she just made the whole thing up to stop me from further embarrassing the both of us with my utterly shameless begging for her to return soon. Yeah, I’m not exactly what you would call a proud man when it comes to Destiny Xu.

Physically–oh hell, what can I say?–Destiny just has my number: that adorable, perpetually-smiling face, awash in a halo of (faux!) innocent Asian wholesomeness, coupled with a devilishly hot, wickedly tight body of swimsuit model-like contours. Factor in her flawless, tanned, un-tattooed skin, and–BINGO!–checks all the boxes on my porno preferences profile. All you children of the 1980s with Asian fetishes, I can give you a helpful visual here: think Playboy Bunny Jill Terashita in her prime, but with blonde locks. What makes Destiny even better: personality-wise, she’s one of those rare, cool-as-fuck chicks with a super laid-back attitude, made all the more pleasing by her French-Canadian intellectual sophistication and worldliness that comes from extensive international travel. Executive summary: she’s a dope-ass woman. And it’s so rare to find this personality type inside such a beautiful body.

What did we do in bed? Jesus. Virtually everything that falls within the parameters of Destiny‘s practiced-to-perfection safe GFE and PSE playbook. Some highlights: after I savored peeling off her black fishnets and pink panties, I went straight into DATY and discovered that Destiny has THE perfect kitty. Yes, I am well aware of how overused that phrase is, but I really mean it here, as in, like, she has the Ideal Spiritual Platonic Pussy from Heaven, impossibly incarnated in this irreparably flawed physical world of matter. A rather elaborate description, yes, but in the heat of the moment all I could manage to tell her was that she was “perfect down below,” and then I just had to put my mouth all over this unbelievably well-formed, sweet little kitty. Her shapely ass I found just as divinely delightful on my greedy tongue–I spent a lot of time there diligently worshiping the “o,” but not nearly enough! On to boom-boom, when Destiny surprised me by turning the tables and getting aggressive; she got on top of me, playfully “pinned” me (scare quotes because she’s maybe a tallish 5’6 and an immaculately toned 105, at most!), and started teasing my LG with her tanned thighs. Fellow CAF pooners, I will tell you that this was, for me, one of those indelible moments–one of those crazy flashbulb sex memories–that I will carry with me until the end of my days, or at least until round two with Destiny, when she decides to burn something even more outrageously exciting into the sex-addled circuits of my brain: this blonde Asian fox staring straight into my eyes with a huge, devilish grin on her face, teasing the hell out of my cock. Then she dropped down, rode me cowgirl like a pro for what seemed like a half hour, and then tried another Domme move on me, pushing her tits into my face until she was nearly on top of me full-weight. At this point, I was so bothered that I had to get out from under her for some doggy and the grand finale, whereupon I discovered that we were totally drenched in sweat. Doggy-style finish, then some more DFK in the damp sheets–FYI, Destiny is hands-down the best kisser I’ve ever locked lips with in this hobby–and massaging, and then I was off to the shower, feeling as if I were tottering around on legs molded out of Jell-O melting on a hot summer’s day.

Was it over after that? Nope. Close to 10 minutes of DFK post-shower, plus almost as many for banter. By now, we’re deep into overtime. But if you read her reviews, you’ll discover that this level of passion is pretty typical for Destiny. Now, as I’m reading the deeds that I wrote above–some of them articulated with less grace than a grocery list–I realize how painfully short I’ve fallen from expressing the special quality of this woman. Obviously, that wouldn’t reside in what she does but how she does it; Destiny is simply top-tier as a lover. She has that je ne sais quoi. She intimately understands the physics, chemistry, and biology of excited bodies and the psychology of aroused minds, and where they intersect, and how to best play with them. Like any great talent, it’s probably half genetics and half culture: hot Vietnamese blood mixing with the crimson arts of French sensual refinement. I don’t know. What I do know is that you should go see her–she’s miraculous.

Final score: 10/10 + 1 Blonde Asian Bonus Point = 11/10

Had the pleasure of seeing Destiny Xu this afternoon after reading some comments made by Roksi. Appointment was quick and hassle-free to set up with just a few texts. In-call located in downtown was easy to find and there was parking outside of the building – which almost turned into a huge headache.. but more on that later.

Destiny is the first Asian girl I’ve spent time with and definitely represented well. The incall was very nice and spacious, clean shower with soap and fresh towel available. She is average height, slim, clean, and incredibly sexy. I love how she greeted me with a kiss or 5 as soon as I walked through the door. She had on some sexy red lingerie, but I couldn’t wait to take it off. After a bit of teasing in the bedroom there was a quick shower before the fun began.

As for services I got everything you would expect from a GFE, but I’m sure it’s YMMV. The session absolutely flew by and I wish I were able to book a longer one. Destiny was able to completely draw me in to the session so I was able to remain calm and focus on the experience. I was also introduced to a few new positions during the session, which while not exotic to most broke the streak of CG and doggie. I thought it was nice that she likes to mix things up and it made the session more memorable.

I would definitely recommend you try to catch Destiny when you next have the chance. I think she liked Calgary and look forward to future visits from her 

When I left the apartment rush hour was just starting and because of our conversation and my love of hot showers it was a few minutes past the time my parking expired. At this particular area of downtown you have max 2h, and while I paid for max I did not notice that between certain hours it is a no parking zone (due to rush hour). As I’m walking to my car I notice a tow truck dangerously close to the front of my car and my heart starts to race. I get closer and see that my front tires are lifted and this giant metal bar is underneath it. In front of me are a couple employees of the town truck company and I just ask “Is my car being towed?” They explain that where I parked becomes a no parking zone at a particular time and when I paid the meter max it was only for one hour. Fortunately the guys were nice enough and immediately lowered by my and let me go. However, there was another guy there that looked like he writes parking tickets so I may not have got away with it completely… the saga continues!

I saw Destiny last night and was thoroughly wowed. I was a bit nervous and flustered after a long day at work and being a few minutes late finding parking downtown, but Destiny is so patient and accommodating.

Her pictures are 100% accurate. Absolutely amazing body with the finest, petite yet round, toned butt. A great kisser, she makes you feel like a long lost lover. Unrushed and sensual. Would definitely recommend seeing her if you are looking for a very intimate GFE.

Saw Destiny today, she is hot with an amazing body. Asian with blond hair and spoke with a cute french accent. She has a great personality and was really easy to talk to. Everything about the hour was good. I’ll definitely repeat next time she’s back in town.

Had an appointment with Destiny Xu while she was in town today and all I can say is ‘Wow’. Communication and setting up the appointment was quick and easy. Gave me the location of her hotel and sent details about 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.

I didn’t request anything specific and thought I’d just go with the flow and see how it played out. She greeted me in a sexy little black outfit and was stunning. Body was flawless, hair and perfume excellent, and started right away with a kissing and some petting. After enjoying that for a while I headed into the shower and came out to an amazing session. That woman is talented like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll spare too much details, but let’s just say I was definitely satisfied. I didn’t venture into anything too crazy, I guess you’d call it a vanilla GFE, but if that’s what vanilla GFE is always like, sign me up.

Cuddled and kissed some more afterwards and talked for a while. She’s genuinely pleasant and the French accent is a delight. Highly recommended.

Been waiting to see Destiny for a long time and finally our paths crossed this morning. Seen a bunch of WB ladies in the past, but if you are looking for an amazing true Asian and you haven’t seen Destiny, you’re missing out. Check her website for rates and menu. I not a great story teller but she made me feel like I was living a dream. As soon as she opening the door and stood there in all black lingerie, the LG stood right up to me her. A quick little make out session on the bed as she stripped me down and off to the shower I went. As I returned the words ” what are you going to do to me?” came out of her mouth. I jumped right in. Started at the top meeting her great breasts and sucking on her nipples to make them as hard as the LG was at this point. Before heading down I stopped to take in her beauty as she stuck her fingers in her mouth and proceeded to play her her great little kitty. My turn for a taste, and oh how great it was. Slipping my tongue between her kitty and her ass. After a quick little O she pushed me off and said ” now it’s your turn”. She took control of the LG and mixing in sucking and spitting, back a forth until I was about to blow. She brought me right to the edge and stopped. We both knew and wanted what was next. On went the hat and she propped me up and on she got. Reverse cowgirl. Oh that ass!! She rode me slow and shallow, but with the increase in rythym, she took in more and more till I was fully balls deep into her. Up and down she went, throw in some deep grinding till she knew I was about to blow. She gripped the LG fully inside her and squeezed every last drop I had. Spent, we lay there for a while. Quick rinse, and some cuddle time, and right back at it. MPOG followed, but try as we might number 2 just wouldn’t go. Exact words were ” your not going anywhere till you cum for me again”. So sad I couldn’t fulfill her demands.

She leaves Friday, unfortunately no more time to see her again the trip, but repeat on her next visit for sure

If you are into little hot Asians that make the time all about you and delivers a 10/10 GFE, and you don’t book her, you really don’t want it bad enough.

Oh my god, I can’t believe I wasn’t around to see destiny on her most recent visit to Edmonton. I seen her on her previous trip out. Destiny was/is one of my best experiences ever in this hobby. One of my ATF’s for sure! I find her ridiculously sexy, her body, attitude, accent, all of her! Destiny is definitely a fantasy girl, the kind of lady i would check out but be to nervous to talk to. From the moment I jumped out of the shower and seeing her on the bed waiting till our time was up we had some of the hottest intiment playful naked time I have ever had with someone I just met for the first time. Repeat? Yes please, I would have if I could have on her recent visit. Going to have to plan life a little better next time She comes around!
L10/A10/S11 (for real S11. It was out of this world, maybe it’s cause I was more in “the zone” than with any other girl during a first encounter. She really made me feel comfortable and that she seen me as sexy as I seen her!)

I can only blame myself and that search button, typed in Asian SP and here it was, to say the least I was intrigued. Asian, Vietnamese/French and blonde, nuff said, couple of texts and all is arranged two hours of pleasure so I hope? Could I top or at least be content after my first jump back into the community three days ago, I was willing to take the chance.
Arriving at Destiny Xu convenient south side Hotel another quick text and Iam at the door, a gentle knock and the door opens to a dim lit room and a sexy French voice says come in. The door closes and as I turn around I know this is going to be worth the search. I was greeted with a long luxurious kiss and a hug, some pleasantries were exchanged and I was in the shower. Upon coming out I was greeted by a sight that was breath taking and inviting, upon joining Destiny on her bed we kissed and cuddled and explored each other as if old lovers reunited, so to say the least there was no tension or shyness from either of us. I will never go into details as I respect a woman and her privacy, for me it was over the top. But in saying that YMMV gaining trust and respect goes along way I did run a bit over  Iam definetly glad I hooked up with you Destiny XU your one in a kind, its so nice to come back from your second shower and see a woman lying there enjoying the moment of satisfaction, it truly was a great time for both of us. She motioned for me to come to her we kissed and cuddled momentarily and it was time to dress and leave. She is such a wonderful young lady articulate and knowledgeable in every aspect. Au revoir mon ami, jusqu’à ce que nos chemins se croisent à nouveau .

Just finished spending time with Destiny Xu
I’ve had my eye on her ever since I started pooning. But just never could make my schedule workwith her tours here until now.

Well worth the wait.
Booked her for a 1hr
Opened the door to sexy tight bodied french asian girl with blond hair and a firm butt, you can definitely tell she does squats.
From the moment walking in and leaving at the end, she immediately pulled me in for some DFK. And our faces were glued together for almost the entire time.
She said she loved my big lips. 🙂
I had the full GFE experience, and got great mileage
She has a large sexual appetite and seemed like she could go on forever non stop. Spent the full hour exploring each other’s bodies. It was a hot and sweaty mess
Only wish maybe booked longer. Just so I could have a proper conversation and get to know her a little more.

Thanks for the great time Destiny.
Tu es magnifique.

Destiny Xu. What a perfect name for this super smoking hottie. I am still in awe of what I saw today for an hour. My heart was beating out of my chest and my jaw was on the ground. WOW holy freaking WOW. Even better than her profesional pictures. How often does that happen ?
Then, my eyes popped out of my head when I saw dat perfect ass and perfect kitty. She is so fit and skin so soft, perfect tan, it was amazing. Top 3 in my book.
I did have to fumble around to find my jaw and eye balls to put them back in place for what I was destined to do next. And that is to worship dat ass and kitty with super long DATY. I just could not freaking stop.
We took some time off for the good old LG’s sake so he didn’t feel left out and so he could enjoy the super tight kitty too. After he was well satisfied even though he should have done better, it was back to DATY again. I was hoping to get her off again but we ran out of time. Damn !!!.
So I have no choice but to see her again and again for some unfinished business. Thankfully she is staying in Edmonton for the week til the 8th instead of going elsewhere.
See you soon Destiny

I had the pleasure to meet Destiny for the first time yesterday. Easy set up with pre booking before she arrives. Sometimes first meetings can be a bit slow to take off.

Destiny is quite exceptional at setting the tone and pace right from when she ambushes you from behind the door to plant a nice lingering welcome kiss.
From there things escalated as if we were long lost friends. She is very attentive and makes sure your wants and desires are taken care of.

She is well reviewed and for good reason. I will be repeating and highly recommend her. She is better looking than her pics. Ads are on caf with website and rates.
It was Destiny
I requested an appointment at all most the last moment with Destiny Xu and she was able to accommodate my request with no problems. My bad for procrastinating. Destiny will have to spank me next time.
Destiny greeted me wearing a very sexy black corset, stockings, bra and panties like some of her gallery pics on her web. She has a fantastic slender/toned figure. Beautiful breast and bum bum. She is very beautiful and amazingly sexy.

Destiny was attentive from the start to finish. It really felt like I was her number one priority. We clicked, had wonderful chemistry we chatted, laughed. etc.
Plenty of OMG sensual teasing, nice lfk/dfk kisses, all with lovely smile. Her recommended treats were soooo delicious and she has lots of energy.
She is friendly, easy going, fun and a sweetie.
It was not just a GFE but a hot GFE. Thanks Destiny for a wonderful time…you Rock!

So I was looking on BP tonight and saw this perfect little blonde and I do like my blondes so I made and appointment and communication was easy and with a fast response.
So I showed up for my appointment and right after the door opened I was shocked with how sexy this girl really is wow she is a 10 in my book and wow she is super easy to talk with and get to know and then right to the good stuff and wow she really loves her job and it shows.
At one point my knees were shaking during the amazing BBBJ she was giving me and after that we got down to some other business and she is so tight it was hard not to pop right away but I managed to keep it going and wow was it worth it.
She’s only here today and tomorrow so if you want to try her out act fast before she’s gone again.

This is my first review so going to keep it simple. Saw Destiny today and was blown away. Solid 9s across the board.
The only reason she isn’t 10s is she isn’t local and I’ll have to wait for her to return before seeing her again.
She posted in the Regina advertisers with a link to her web site. Her pictures do not do her justice as she also have a very beautiful face.
If you like small, toned, perfectly proportioned bodies, she is the girl for you.

I have been having a great streak of seeing another top notch sp after seeing Ashlee. On Monday, I got to see Destiny. Not much to add from what has already been said. She is a great kisser, gives a great bbbj and is fun to hump from behind while she wears heels. Forgot to mention that she is gorgeous. Really enjoyed my time with her. Can hardly wait for her return to Edmonton.

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Destiny Xu. She knew that I looked nervous but that went away pretty fast with her sensual touching and LFK. She has a rocking body that’s fit and toned which I like. Afterwards we had a nice chat session about destinations and hobbies. Followed by the conversation we had together, she gave me a wicked bbbj by using her tongue at the tip. Then we finished off in doggy.

I only had an hour of her time but I wished I had more. Time went by too quickly. Donations were $$$ for the hour and she’s only here until wednesday night.

Well, it is not often I am at a loss for words, but Destiny Xu left me speechless many times yesterday.

She is flat out sexy, and so incredibly talented in making a guy feel like he is the centre of the universe, like I said, words fail me.

Seeing a woman with all the pysical attributes of the best Asian sp’s along with the skills of the best French ladies all rolled into one, well, the smile is still on my face almost a day later. And I find myself drifting back into moments of our time together, getting a silly smirk, and having people look at me strange…

There are hundreds of descriptors I could use, but her website sums up everything quite nicely, and while the pictures are accurate, there is no replacing seeing her in person.

Above all else, I think it was her smile that was the icing on the cake. Making her laugh was worth the price of admission. And she enjoys you laughing too…

Definite add to my top all time favourites, in the top 3 anyways, and who knows, another visit and she could be #1…

Unfortunately she was only in Toronto for a couple of days. She claims it`s her first time visiting the city and plans on coming back before end of summer.

All communication was via text as she replies promptly. She`s well reviewed on CAEF, all very positive reviews and based on my experience with her they are very accurate. I saw her on Sunday and was running late, gave her a heads up via text a half hour before to let her know I`d be 10 minutes late which ended up being 20 minutes late, she was very cool about arriving late which kind of set my mind at ease.

We always say looks are subjective, but if you like Asian ladies, especially the Vietnamese I would say she`s just gorgeous with a killer body, very tight and toned like many of the hot girls you find in the SC`s, she`s one of those girls who looks much better than her pictures. She was dressed in very sexy lingerie, corset and black stockings just past her knees. Sensual slow kissing and tongue play was followed by exploring that hot body with oh so smooth skin, impeccable hygiene down below during a prolonged daty session, she then returned the favour with one of the more enjoyable BBBJ sessions I`ve experienced, started off flicking her tongue around the head and then slowly swallowing and swirling her tongue some more around the head following by lightly grazing her teeth along the head and shaft, then allowing a slow drool with her tongue while smiling at me and then proceeding to lick the drool up. Can you tell I super enjoyed this. The main event was her starting on top and then moving to mish, don`t get me wrong I enjoyed this immensely as she is very tight, it`s the BBBJ I can`t get out of my mind.

Next time she`s back, if your into Asians you won`t be disappointed with this girl.

Repeat, if she doesn`t come back a visit to Montreal is in order.

I just got home from a wonderful 2 hour date with the sweetest young lady. Destiny is absolutely awesome. When I arrive at her in call I was very nervous, but on entering her room I was greeted by a heavenly vision in red lingerie She welcomed me with a very deep passionate kiss like we were old lovers who had not seen each other for a long time. We hugged fondled and kisses until she kicked me into the shower . When I came out she was lying on the bed inviting me to join her. I slipped in beside her and the games begin. As I am an old fashioned guy I am not going to go into details. suffice to say I sampled all that she had to offer from her menu The 2 hours flew by. I already miss kissing those soft full lips and man does she like to kiss.
Anyone who is thinking of seeing should not delay. She is absolutely wonderful. Makes you feel right at home a very true and I would have to say ultimate GFE.
Destiny I thank you for making this day great. I cant wait until your next trip to Lethbridge.

Just got back from an hour meet with Destiny XU and my knees are still shaking -in a very good way ! !!

Booking super easy, Destiny is a very good communicator with very clear and warm, personal messages.

She welcomed me with a beautiful smile and a lfk like a nice girlfriend meting you coming back home… After my quick shower she was waiting on the bed on her corset and g-string with nice and sexy black sheer thigh high stockings and high heels… Very sexy view of this gorgeous woman and once in her arms I was feeling the urge to please her asap!

I probably spent more then 10 minutes on daty/dato on this most beautiful kitty I ever seen !! ! And by the end of this she was all wet and ready for the next chapter… Then was her turn and she gave me the best bbbj/bls ever had – lots of sloppiness and deep throat with just the right amount of suction and teeth while caressing the balls and combining with bls…

Then the ‘mistake’ I did: asked her what she likes the most (enjoy) to do in bed and she was “I’ll teach you!” all laughing at me )
And she started a session of teasing that I never experienced and didn’t want to finish…

Then to the main event, we started in cg and then Asian cg bouncing up and down the shaft under our very excited and pleased looks… Changed to doggy and then.. her preferred lazy doggy… With her gorgeous fit spinner body I couldn’t last too long and almost came… Stopped in time and finished on her breasts while she was oiling it all over her breasts and chest…

When we were done we realized I was a little bit overtime and still had time to shower and leave.. The way Destiny was I was feeling bad to leave her and she always give you the impression that you don’t have to leave yet.., however I didn’t want to overdo my welcome…

One in all I had the time of my life with lots of chemistry and connection, and Destiny just became my new ATF. Can’t wait for he repeat !

Thank you Destiny for the fantastic time, you are a beautiful nice person and a classy lady with the most gorgeous body I have encountered.

See you very soon when you return to our sunny city.

Okay, class—let’s do the math: blonde hair + a perfectly proportioned, tight Asian body + French demeanor= one of the hottest and intensely sensual SPs to ever grace the wonderful world of CAF! Consider these further details: Vietnamese. Born in Montreal. Fluent in French and English, with her English enhanced by that sexy French intonation—this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “erotic and exotic.”

I am talking, of course, about Destinyxu.

One of the many things I appreciate about this lovely lady is the pre-date communication. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating—ladies, do not underestimate the power of “sweet talk!” Destiny tenderly uses terms like “sweetheart” and “baby”—I am such a sucker for those sensory semantics! When I sent her a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text last week, she responded promptly indicating the same. It’s those “little touches” that entice and endear a man long before that knock on the hotel room door.

When I saw that Destiny was coming our way to Lethbridge, it was only a matter of “when,” not “if.” Certain ladies of CAF just have that special something that makes the decision “to see or not to see” so very easy. Here’s what I wrote about sweet Destiny on August 15, 2013 after our first rendezvous which made today’s appointment a fait accompli:

“Destiny has the most beguiling, petite hourglass figure. Her skin is silky smooth, her dark eyes are captivating, and her lips are full and soft—you just don’t ever want to stop kissing them! When she straddled me in that sexy red lingerie and began passionately kissing me as I sat naked on the edge of the bed, I knew I was in for a wonderful, super-sensual experience. Destiny is 5 feet, 7 inches of ‘Extra Strength Viagra.’”

Having met this gorgeous woman exactly six months ago, it didn’t seem possible that she could have become even more sexy and beautiful, but somehow Destiny pulled that off. She also began pulling off some very revealing red lingerie, complete with the cutest mid-drift corset which graced her impossibly toned stomach. Eventually, her totally nude body straddled me in all of its stimulating splendor as we kissed like wild lovers. I was so hard for so long…

I went downtown to taste her sweet kitty, and about five minutes into that, she said with that enchanting French accent—“You really know what to do with a pussy!” Her wetness was so enticing! She intuited that I was anxious for some DATO, so Destiny began to arch her back and lift just slightly so my tongue could find those delights a bit lower.

Then we flipped around, and she began a juicy BBBJ with remarkable rhythms and some feather-light ball stroking. She had me begging for 69 in no time.

There is something about the intense anticipation of receiving a talented BBBJ when you know that it is fated to end with CIM. So she slowly swung her lithe, long legs back over my head. My face was hungrily buried as my tongue gave equal time to more DATY and DATO. At the same time, at the other end of the bed, I was thrusting my hardened member gently upward into those moistened, pouty lips. She began to softly wiggle and grind on my nose and face. I eagerly awaited that sensational spurt into her warm, inviting orifice—just writing this brings yet another erection. It was an epic, concussive cum for sure!

As our time together wound down, Destiny looked me in the eyes and said, “I really like kissing you!” That feeling is so mutual! We talked and cuddled, and then I just pulled her on top of me for more LFK and DKF with our naked bodies held tightly together. I express my profound gratitude to this incredible woman for another Date with Destiny(xu).

First of all my grateful thanks to Bros; Tboy 54 (Board member in absentia) and Board Member and CPO Antony121 for getting me off my ass and greasing the booking wheels with my phenominal new friend from Montreal the remarkable Destiny Xu. She has been on my to do list since almost the start of my Pooning Career, so it didn’t take a huge shove to get me in gear. As I write this, I am languishing in the Watering Hole with pussy juice all over my face and a cold beer in front of me, always a delightful flavour favourite for the pervy Mr. Wood.

What a beauty in such a small package. Super smooth flawless skin, pretty face, blonde hair, wonderful perky little breasts, and a bum to die for. She was wearing a very nice perfume, “Miss Dior” she called it, I really liked it. She has an upbeat personality, friendly demeanor and was a welcome respite from the fridged air outside. Hot or what! I found Destiny ensconced in one of Edmonton’s finest hotels and I tell you the room was palatial. A first for me in this one, nice not to be in the ratty Lacombe for a change.

A quick shower and lots and lots of kissing were the order of the day. After awhile her lingerie was soon flying off in all directions. What an amazingly beautiful pussy, so smooth, so tasty! She soon was displaying her skills on a reluctant Mr. Wiggly, who has been rather unpredictable lately, but she got him going! A precum surge just about pushed me over the top early but I held on for more. Being the good sport she is, we gave the Female Condom a whirl. What a life saver this thing is. You just can’t get a regular condom on a “soft-on” and that is what I had, but with the FC, I was able to slip it in fairly soft and soon pumped myself hard. The use of a regular condom would have probably killed off my softy for sure so the FC saved the day, for me. I knew it was going to be a short trip to pussy city for me today, she was impressively tight, but I managed to hang on till doggie time. Which was of course my undoing, and soon I blasted off into outer space. It was exquisite! I knew I was done for the duration of our time together, so we had a good talk and got to know each other a little bit. I also got her to walk on my wonky back which felt better immediately.

Too soon my time with this French Asian Princess was coming to a close. I can always tell how good an orgasm I have had by how long it takes me to locate my gaunch, LOL . And on this same note I spent some time wandering around the bloody carpark trying to find my car . LOL Another sure sign, eh, guys?

Will I see her again, absolutely, dear friends, she is a true treat and a hell of a good birthday prezzy for yours truly.

Your Intrepid Reporter;


Highly Recommended!

Hey, I got to meet the beautiful, sexy, hot sugar babe miss Destiny XU last night. What a treat. I am sure glad I made an appointment to see her. I had a great time and I am looking forward to seeing here again.<br><br><br>
Destiny Xu ?<br>
Had a chance to meet with Destiny this afternoon after missing out on her last visit. She is an amazing girl. The time went by so quickly because she is so easy to get along with.

Once I got to the room, she was wearing what I had asked for. Greeted me with non stop DFK & LFK….. Then, she goes down. And normally I’m pretty quick when it comes to a BBBJ. But for some reason she just kept going and going. And I didn’t pop
Then she was allowing me to hold he hair back and push her head down as deep as she could go while I was thrusting. It was awesome.
After a while of that I wanted to taste her so the 69ing commenced.
And after what seemed like seconds but was really like a half hour I finally popped.(CIM)

Cool girl great service and would defiantly repeat.

I concur..amazingly beautiful, amazing service..One of the very best!!!

This is my first review so going to keep it simple. Saw Destiny today and was blown away. Solid 9s across the board. The only reason she isn’t 10s is she isn’t local and I’ll have to wait for her to return before seeing her again. She posted in the Regina advertisers with a link to her web site. Her pictures do not do her justice as she also have a very beautiful face. If you like small, toned, perfectly proportioned bodies, she is the girl for you.<br><br><br>
My time with Destiny Xu<br>
Finally had a chance to meet this well reviewed Asian hottie and she did not disappoint. Let me ad to the chorus of good reviews she’s received in the past.

Everything with this girls was top notch. Very easy to contact and book with, everything went off on time and effortlessly. Very classy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never met a blonde french Asian from Quebec before but I knew it was going to be good. She did not disappoint. Greeted me with some LFK wearing nothing but some sexy stockings and heels and a sexy bra and panty set. Great way to set the mood and made it very difficult to leave to freshen up.

After freshening up we got to the real fun with included some of the best BBBJ I’ve ever enjoyed. I’m not sure exactly what she was doing with her tongue as she took me very deep but it felt amazing. From there we went the usual laundry list of positions, DATY, asian cowgirl both forward and reverse, her laying back on me while playing with her clit, and finished in a wonderful CIM finish. Round one had me completely drained.

Spent some time recovering and chatting with this lovely. Her smile and eyes were intoxicating. I hadn’t realized we only had 15 minutes left but she was very willing to try for a second SOG if I was up for it. With such a sexy girl I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Went straight for my favorite position, folding deck chair and man is this girl tight. Finished round two deep inside her looking in her eyes with time to spare.

After a quick shower it was sadly time to leave. Being the naughty girl she is she made it very difficult to leave as she waited for me wearing nothing but those sexy stockings and heels.

Ill be counting down the days to her return.

Destiny Xu is an angel that has come to Earth to help us mere mortals with our tired and tattered libidos.
I went to see her last Sunday while she was touring through St. John’s and I had one of the best experiences of my life. It was so good that I booked her for the following night.
She is on tour now. I highly recommend checking her profile and website to see where she is touring next and book some time with her. You won’t be disappointed.
I can’t wait for her to come back to St. John’s again.

I agree 100%. I had a 1 hour session, and wish I had booked for longer. A definite gem, and I hope she comes back.

I saw Destiny Xu as well on her most recent trip to St. John’s and my mind was blown. I was not paying attention and almost missed her completely but was lucky enough to catch her on her last day.
We had a couple scheduling issues that were completely my fault and she did everything to accommodate me and make my time with her a very memorable one. I will be booking more time with her when she comes back.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Destiny as well. She was quite the experience!

I also had the pleasure of meeting with Destiny on her recent St. John’s visit. She was simply amazing! I’d highly recommend you check her the next time she is in town!

Spent an hour with Destiny, she really is thin and tiny, 5’6″. A very fine little butt to go with her natural breasts that are perfect for her body, smooth skin. Cute face, always smiling, bubbly, energetic and has a infectious attitude. Nice French accent too.

If you like them thin and tiny

Full gfe with some pse thown in, 300/hr menu list on her ad on caf and she has an ad on bp as well

Lots of kissing, daty, bbbj, mpos, msog, cim, no greek

French/Asian combo, a girl who delivers the goods and enjoys it, what more do you need.

It was a action pack hour, the girl has great energy.

Ya overdone, youre review pretty much nails it. I explored her menu to see if really lives up to what her ad says and yup she does. A big bright smile too, like an angel hiding her devilosh side. You can tell She loves her job
I have no idea what SW meant on her menu, but i dont believe she does that. I bbbjtcim her while standing and it was incredible. That woman is a machine, not even a can of red bull can let me catch up to her energy.

It has been a while since I have met an SP as good as Destiny Xu (780) 863-3379.

Stats and pictures on the advertising board are her and recent.( She is still in university and is only available over the summer break.

Standing 5’6 (5’8 in heels), very cute face, perfectly shaped B-cups and a perky back side, she is the cute & hot Asian you remember from school combined with an oh so sexy French accent.

Full GFE menu including DATY, DFK and MPOS. She gives a great BBBJ with just the right amount of lollipop and vacuum action. She loves lazy doggie style and after trying it with her I have to agree, it is amazing.

Hour was $$$ and she is only in Calgary a few more days before heading north.

Have fun everyone, she is amazing.

I had a chance to see Destiny. Great session. Very tight body and super horny. Had to 2 SOG. Service is GFE/PSE but more PSE in my experiece. Very tight pussy. The view from behind is awesome. She encourages you to get it up ASAP and she knows what to do to make it happen. Being with her is like watching a porn movie unfold and you are the star. All that is missing is a camera to say hey I was with that chick. Would definitely see her again and again.

Good evening,
I am going to try and describe this experiance in it entirety as best I can, bearing in mind that I am both physically and mentally exhausted at the moment….in a good way.

I have tried a number of times to set up a meeting with Destiny but always seem to miss out either due to my scheduling or Destiny not visiting when I am in Edmonton, which I guess is the same thing

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that she was on tour and coming to Edmonton for a couple of days, I sent her an email on the off chance that she might be able to accommodate me, sure enough I received a positive response, all I needed now for the stars to align was for my work to send me to oil town…..which they did much to my relief.

I decided that I would try and stay near by to Destiny’s location which happend to be a very nice downtown hotel as luck would have it we ended up in the same hotel

On to the meeting, I knocked on her door which opened in the usual manner, you guys know what I mean…..hidden behind the door is what can only be described as a stunning Asian beauty all wraped up in a corset and panty set, Destiny has what can only be described as a stunning body…..just perfect she has the most symmetrically perfect boobs and the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to grips with butt she has a tight body…….just incredible.

On to the main event, I had originally booked for 90 mins but very late in the day asked if i could spend 2 hours which Destiny said wouldn’t be an issue ohh boy am I glad I did.

We started off with LFK which led on to DFK and continued through out the session she undressed me very quickly and started with the best BBBJ on her knees that I’ve had in a very long time she certainly knows her way around the LG, she insisted on me laying down and her performing on the LG with the most incredible BJ I have the ability to hold off for quite sometime this was a challenge, I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me……I guess iam just that kind of guy so I asked her to lay on her back and let me take over for a while……once I removed her panties I was presented with the most incredible looking pussy I’ve ever seen it is just stunning I had to tell her just how pretty it was……she was happy and so was I…we ended up in 69 its got to be the longest I’ve ever spent in 69 with a SP lots of BLS and DT she was enjoying it and so was I, lots of grinding going on we went at it for about 30 min in 69 just amazing.

After the mutual oral exploration we had to move on to the bumping and grinding lots of CG and RCG we did things in positions that in never dreamed of, ended up in doggy which is my fav, tried standing doggy, lazy doggy, had more oral 69, we just went at it it was a GFE with a whole lot of PSE she is an amazing lady ended the session with a CIM

For those of you who are considering spending time with Destiny…….do it she is with out doubt a giver, treat her well and she will not be disappointed. She is not a clock watcher I was we’ll over time but felt that she almost didn’t want to let me go which was a nice feeling for this old guy.

If you make her laugh you will be rewarded with a wonder full smile, she is fun and makes you feel like a king.

Destiny thank you for making me feel alive I enjoyed your company so much you have a spectacular body and a wicked smile, I will see you again at some point in time.

I have never scored any of the ladies that I’ve spent time with this time I will.

11’s across the board, the best $$$$$$ I’ve spent.

Bearman……out !!!!!

I concur one hundred percent she was an amazing experience. I was planning on taking a break after spending so much time with KittyCatSofia when she was in town. But I had been checking them both out In reviews and as soon as both announced their visits I had contacted them and pre booked. I had originally booked Destiny for early on the Saturday however was feeling a little under the weather so I rescheduled to this morning. I arrived a little early and waited for her to be ready. Got the text and headed up to her room. she is another OMG lady that takes your breath away when you first see her. Just incredibly beautiful and she gave me a big hug and some kissing right off the bat which always a great way to start things off. A quick shower and then we started kissing again with me standing beside the bed wasn’t long before she dropped my towel and removed her first piece of clothing. She flipped around on all fours and man what an amazing sight it is so kissable. Off came the panties and in I went must have had my face buried in there for at least 10 min. I was ready to flip her on her back and continue going down on her but she was more interested in giving me my turn. so I laid there and watched as she prepared. She said she was going to go slow at the time it seemed like a good idea to both of use as I was rock hard from the time I laid eyes on here and I think we both figured I would pop pretty fast. The BBBJ was stellar it was a joy to watch her work and it felt amazing. after a good 10 min of her working on the LG it was time to move to the FS so on wen the cover and she climbed on CG man she was so tight and warm it was an amazing feel. from there we went to the reverse RCG which is not always a favorite of mine and I figured a little of this and we would move on to mish and doggie. But after a few min of riding normal always mixing up her grinding she did something new that I have never experienced before. She laid down on me and kept grinding. The feeling was well I can’t actually think of an appropriate word. It wasn’t the good old pounding as hard as you could till u popped it was gentle and amazing. it also allowed for easy access to her clit with your hand. It was a truly amazing position very sweaty that is now one of may favorites if not the favorite. I had a huge explosion that left me drained and exhausted. Finished off laying in the bed talking and kissing till I had to leave.

Only regrets is I only booked 60 min session I will be fixing that mistake before she leaves on Wednesday.

Gents Run don’t walk to your nearest ATM machine you don’t want to miss out on this amazing lady.

HMM my Dream Duo Destiny Xu and kittycat Sofia something to think about or at least dream about lol

I have never scheduled a date later than 8 p.m., but this is my birthday month, so one makes exceptions and breaks the rules, eh? So at 10:30 p.m., I knocked on the door, and lo and behold—there stood my Destiny!

Destiny Xu is relatively new to the CAF family (joined in May of this year), and when I saw her website [], I was excessively intrigued. Consider this description: Vietnamese. Blonde. Born in Montreal. Fluent in French and English, her English is enhanced by that sexy French intonation. Add to this the fact that she just returned from a tour in Australia—this gives a whole new meaning to the term “exotic.”

Okay, okay, the hair is dyed blonde, but everything else about this choice young woman causes even a writer like me to run short on adjectives. Destiny has the most beguiling, petite hourglass figure I had ever laid eyes upon. Her skin is silky smooth, her dark eyes are captivating, and her lips are full and soft—you just don’t ever want to stop kissing them! When she straddled me in that sexy red lingerie and began passionately kissing me as I sat naked on the edge of the bed, I knew I was in for a wonderful, super-sensual experience. Destiny is 5 feet, 7 inches of “Extra Strength Viagra.”

The ‘69’ DATY/DATO experience on this lovely lady was so amazing—especially enhanced with what she was doing to me at the same time. When I began this hobby in March, I didn’t even know what the acronyms stood for, but I eventually caught on to the CAF “vocabulary.” I had always wanted to try “BBBJ” all the way to “CIM.” When I saw this was a part of Destiny’s menu, I knew my time had come (or cum.) And what a pleasure explosion that turned out to be!

Destiny is a real sweetheart who is hell-bent on pleasing her client. One can instantly tell that she thoroughly enjoys the whole experience. Her joy in her work is infectious as I found it difficult to wipe that silly grin off my face for the entire hour. Holding her close for the final chat was just icing on a most delectable cake.

To my fellow clients of CAF, I highly, strongly, wildly recommend Destiny Xu for your next date! Thanks, Destiny, for being a part of a very memorable “birthday month” for Tboy54!

Had the opportunity to see Destiny in Lethbridge and all I can say is that it was one of the greatest pooning experiences I’ve ever had. Booking was super easy via text, arrived on time and was shocked at what I saw. Pictures do not do her justice, she’s very fit and the perfect size (atleast for me), and a cute asian/french mix with an extremely sexy accent. Destiny offers full GFE with lots of kissing. She accommodates very well all you gotta do is let her know what you like. She’s got lots of skill with the BBBJ.
$$$/hour and VERY worth it. I’d repeat if my schedule allowed me to.

She’ll be in Calgary soon, I wouldn’t miss my chance with this gem.

I have never really had a thing for Asians. Now I do! Or maybe just destiny Xu. Arrived for an early appointment, she opens the door of one of the better hotel rooms I’ve been to while visiting an sp. she was absolutely gorgeous in her stocking and heels. Couldnt picture a cuter Asian for my Asian experience. Quick shower and down to business. One of the more sensual experiences I’ve had and her bbbj technique was awesome. Put the hat on for some cowgirl but unfortunately I wAs a little too hung over from a good night before our session to really enjoy it. But I’ve never had an sp ride me like she did. Pretty fantastic. Ended with bbbj. Talked for a while after and kind of snuggled a little. She has the softest skin I think I have ever touched. Wish she was actually my gf and not just gfe haha. I had a very good time and will repeat when she comes to town next!


I never was to into Asian ladies, but after looking at Destiny’s ad and reading some of her great reviews, i said to myself, what a better chance to try my First Asian? I wasn’t wrong…….. What a nice experience!!
Booking with her was extremely easy! Couple if text messages and ready!
The day of the app i went to her incal, an excellent hotel in DT. At the door i was welcome with this beautiful blonde tiny frenchy girl wearing a very sexy lingerie .
After few nice welcome kisses i took a quick shower and she was waiting for me on her bed…. What a view!
Some kisses and clothes were off, she started with an awesome bbbj, it was so good that i couldn’t last too much after i exploded in her mouth….
After some clean up, we chatted a little bit and i decided to return the favor, what a pretty tight little pussy, some delicious Daty with deep digits and i was ready for my round two.
That was exhausting!!! We tried different positions ( my favorite was RCG, what a nice view) and she finished me with another nice bbbj
A quick shower, some good bye kisses and i was on my way home with a happy smile!
Hope to see her again soon !
Thanks Destiny

You have started your oriental experience with one of the top provider. You cant go wrong. Not too many Asian SPs/MPs in Calgary these days.

I met with Destiny before. But this time it was like wow!!! She has grown and changed since going Indy. I hope you took the chance to visit her on this trip Saint John! Because if you didn’t you lost big time. Toned tanned and absolutely beautiful. Made me feel like a king and that she didn’t want me to leave. All I can say is awesome!! And I can’t wait till next summer when she said she may be back

Have you seen her pictures? I did, and hoping that she was something close to those (so many glamour shots have so much airbrush work…), I booked time with her.
Asian, blonde and French. OK, what more could you ask for? The petite Asian body type, but the French GFE+ attitude and accent. After our first kiss, I seriously was wondering if the hotel (very upscale) had a defib on the floor, just in case.
This lady knows what to do. Her smile is infectious, and even a day later, as my mind wanders back, I have a silly smirk on my face.
An hour with this wonderful woman is not enough, but more than that would be more than my heart can probably handle. Great to talk to, amazing to kiss, and eager to please, this young lady has it all, and then some.
I’ve never been an econopooner, but again, I’ve never paid $300 for a session before. I gladly did for the opportunity to see her, and will gladly do it again. And again. And again… my bank account is just lucky she doesn’t visit often.
Repeat, you bet.

Well, it is not often I am at a loss for words, but Destiny Xu left me speechless many times yesterday.

She is flat out sexy, and so incredibly talented in making a guy feel like he is the centre of the universe, like I said, words fail me.

Seeing a woman with all the pysical attributes of the best Asian sp’s along with the skills of the best French ladies all rolled into one, well, the smile is still on my face almost a day later. And I find myself drifting back into moments of our time together, getting a silly smirk, and having people look at me strange…

There are hundreds of descriptors I could use, but her website sums up everything quite nicely, and while the pictures are accurate, there is no replacing seeing her in person.
Above all else, I think it was her smile that was the icing on the cake. Making her laugh was worth the price of admission. And she enjoys you laughing too…

Definite add to my top all time favourites, in the top 3 anyways, and who knows, another visit and she could be #1…

Hi there, I want to share a bit my experience last week with Destiny Xu while she was visiting Edmonton. I can start by saying that her pictures are 100% real… She is a very beautiful mixed Asian lady, with an spectacular body and very soft skin. Another thing that for me in particular is appealing, is the fact that she doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings in her body… nice and clean…
It was pretty easy to get in contact with her via text message. She was very receptive and tried to accommodate me in a time frame that worked for both of us. Once that was done, we agreed to meet 15 min earlier to the set up time. This is also awesome because it gives you some time to get ready, calm down your anxiety and shower before the action… I think not many SPs do this.
I won’t be too descriptive in my review since I know that she gets a lot of them in caf and unfortunately for us, she is only available during summer time, since she lives in Montreal and is still in school…
Well, here we go… I arrived to my appointment, she received me with the exact same set of sexy white lingerie like in her pictures. With a warm smile, and a very friendly attitude. I went for my shower, came out and then we started heating things up… she is a terrific kisser… she likes to kiss and she uses her tongue a lot.. This lady has excellent oral skills. I had a great BBBJ and a good CIM finish. One of the best ones I have ever had. We tried 69 and oh boy!!, she is very good at it. We actually stayed doing 69 for at least more than 5 min. I could had spent the entire session like that.., but I had to move to the main event. So we tried a few positions. She was very responsive, caring and sweet.
After the first round we relaxed for a while on the bed, but the kissing never stopped, and I didn’t want it to stop either… she filled me with so much energy with her kissing and touching and nice chat that I felt like never before when being intimate with someone… and I am being honest. What made a huge difference between her and other SPs I had seen from caf was her extremely high level of energy on the session, and the great Chemistry we both had. Proof of this was that once we were done and I showered again in order to leave, we kept on kissing for a least another 5 or more minutes. She never rushed me out!! and she had the same level or energy and charisma from beginning to end… LOVELY!!! I am so glad I met you Destiny Xu…!! and I will repeat with you for sure whenever there is a chance…
Thank you for that awesome time together last week!!!

First review.. heck my first post on CAF so I’ll probably just keep this short. Just saw Destiny xu tonight definitely accurate pictures. Would I recommend/see again for sure.

I also had the chance to meet Destiny Xu and all I can say was TOP SHELF!!! We had an exhilarating time that will be hard to match. Smoking little body and really really friendly. I would recommend her to all and I sure hope to see her around here again!

After an extended stay in Japan, i decided to take a quick tour of vietnam with jenni and linda on my list. But when i saw this half vietnamese half quebecois beauty’s pictures of her banging bod, i decided to see if she really offers true gfe/pse service. 🙂
I went to her downtown location, and was greeted by her firm body with a big and bright smile that lights up a room. Her quebecois accent complimented her full grasp of english. Shes fully bi-lingual, and can di much more with her mouth She has a bubbly and energetic personailty, great fun and easy to talk to. Makes you feel like a bf instantly. And she wore a bra and gstring thong in a satin robe. We greeted each other and she lfk me hello, and kept going til i carried her to the bed dfk’ing each other and kissed as low as i can go with our clothes still on. I didnt even shower yet.
After an un accompanied shower, she was ready for me. She said like in her ad, she likes sex and i asked her if she can teach me what she knows 🙂 She was eager for the challenge. She started with her bbbj, there was a little eye contact but she was focused at the task at hand. I asked for 69. She gleefully complies, she lets me take off her gstring and we have a go at it. Unlike other sps, i ask to do 69, we went on for 10 minutes, at times she gyrate her hips while i was doing my end and she let pump my LG into her mouth during this position. We even exchanged dialogue like this, i asked about msog, and she was like “as many times as you can.” I said ” i can release many times” and she responded, ” i would like to see that.” 🙂 it got to the point i was suffocating in 69 happiness and we probably could have done the whole session like that, but i caved for the ” main event”.
So on goes the safe, and she goes “its gona be me on top”, it was like the dom side of her came out ( which she offers). So after lots of dirty talk during the event, she said shes gona be my teacher and teach me mannny mpos she knows. During reverse cg she puts her hands on the wall and legs between mine for more leverage. And she rode LG like bucking a broncoDuring cg she like “i gues it helps if i take my bra off” 🙂 and they were small and spinner beautiful. She let me suck em in exchange for her going to town on my nipples.she even asked ME to help her out by putting my hips more into it, something about the bed not being bouncy enough.. wow. It got to a point she was defying gravity as her long blonde hair and small pert breasts went up and down. It got to the point where i physically cant keep the momentum, this amazing girl is a machine and loves the sex. She is true to her word.
I kinda wanted to push what kind of pse service she does, with the exception of greek. And wow she knows all the positions, we did standing doggy, mish. We were so hot sweaty and we barely passed the half way mark. Not even the red bull i had could make me keep up with this girl. I could not keep my hands off her firm body and butt. She was determined and even told me mid session she was gona be my teacher. We took a 10 second break, i tried joking around while giving me a second round of bbbj, she said she likes to stay focused 🙂
Man i was so turned on, i asked her to massage my bs while givong me the best bbbj ive ever had. Then with our time approaching she says “im gona go faster, okay?” Im like oh yes 🙂 and she went mad on it loke no tommorow.
When i still couldnt release, she asked me if i can hj myself. Flashback to our conversation earlier, i asked if sw meant what i thought it did. It did not, but she says she loves cim because she can control where it goes and easy to clean up*
It was pse style hj because she had her mouth and tongue in position so close to lg i can feel her breathe and tongue. I was going crazy with that, that i had to ask her if i can do this standing up with her kneeling. She complied licking lg while hj myself, and when i was about to release she put lg into her mouth and i started thrusting it in and out furiously (without touching her head) till i released. And she had her mouth on it the whole time, a cim good to the last drop, my knees buckled and she went to the bathroom asap.
In the end it was the best first experience for pse/gfe service to have. Thankfully, i can speak french and we had a great conversation about Montreal. I asked about why her rates are high for 1.5 and 2 hr as its pretty much her standard rate per hr is $$$ so 1.5 hr is $$$$.50. And she says it because she likes the finer things in life, like a good session
A woman dear to my heart. But she gives each of her sessions 110%, which is why she is exhausted after this tour. She says it takes alot for her to release, so more than 1hr is needed and thats my next mission when she comes back.
We passionately lfk before i left and had to look back many times at this gorgeous lady and etch into my memory what a session this was. She is truly a consumate professional who truly loves what she does 🙂

I’ll admit I’m a lurker and have rarely ever posted. Probably average less than 1 review/year. However, this girl is an exception and I think I owe it to her to break my silence.
So making the appt was quite difficult but not because of Dstiny. I have a very busy schedule during the week and it tends to change constantly. We texted back and forth for a few days and all the times she suggested I was busy. Finally I was able to make an appt for friday evening. Her willingness to work with my schedule was +1.
I freed up about 45 min before our appt and decided to go have a drink at the bar in the hotel she was staying at since she was staying at high class place with a nice bar. I sat down to have a drink and decided to send Destiny a test stating I was at the bar downstairs and when she was ready to give me a text. She texted back and said she would be ready 15 min early. How about that, an SP ready early. I gueass that’s what you get for going to CAF instead of BP. We all know backpage has its gems but generally it is hit <<<<<< miss. Ready 15 min early, +2
I went up the elevator and knocked on Destiny’s door. I had requested a specific out fit and she had said that she would oblige. The details of the outfit are not important however it was nothing extreme. When Destuny opened the door she was exactly the girl in the pics and wearing exactly what I had asked for. I can confirm that she is very stimulatting. Having credibility and honesity, +3
As soon as I walked in the door Destiny’s attention was focused on me. There was no “give me a sec” or anything like that. She helped me with my jacket and tie all while kissing my neck. She was inviting and engaging. She genuinely comes across interested and entusastic and gives 100% of her attention to you. Giving you the time and attention you paid for, +4
So the details of the services are not all that important. We can all see Destiny’s menu on her add. What is important is how she performed her services and how she accommodated my desires. Everything I asked her to do she did with as much enthusiasm and gusto as I encouraged. This may e redundant as another member stated it in his review but DONT PICK YOUR FAVOURITE POSITION FIRST!!! The first round was done before I wanted it to be and I’m usually pretty good a holding it. Her performing everything I asked for, +5
Now, I have a particular brand of condom I like. To avoid advertising I won’t state the name but lets just say a horse invaided a city a long time ago and they tend to produce over rated quarterbacks that never do much in the NFL. I asked her if we could use the condom I brought and she was cool with that. She did ask if it was a reputable brand and not bathroom vending machine condom. I have absolutely no problem with her looking after her saftey. I showed her the condom and she was cool. Letting me use my favourite brand of condom, +6
After round 1 we layed there for a bit and I must agree with pretty much everyone who had reviewed Destiny that she has the softest, smoothest skin. While laying with her she was extremely attentive. After some kissing and such we proceeded on to round 2. I have a favourite position and Destiny was ok with that position for the entire hour. It actually happens to be her favourite possission too, or so she said. She is sooo accommodating. Our escapades (round 1 and 2) lasted 45min of the hour. That’s not me bragging but just stating how accommodating Destiny is. Letting me have my favourtie position the entire time, +7
I must say that Destiny really comes off genuine. Whether she is tuly enjoying herself or not is beyond me. All I can say is that she gives you all her attention and makes you feel like it is not forced. After all that fun I had to have a rinse before I left. I quickly showered as I only had a couple minutes left. I got out of the shower and proceeded to go for my clothes when she invited me to the bed for a little more cuddling. We laid on the bed for a while and I definately didn’t leave on time. Not being a clock watcher and inviting me for some extended cuddle time, +8
So, all in all, if you want an experience with a beautiful, enegetic young girl that will accommodate your every request go see Destiny. I can’t tell you her boundaries as everything I asked for seemed to be well within her bag of tricks. All I can tell you is that she will do her best to do what you want and ask for.
Repeat: YES

Damn this girl is a sweetheart. I saw her for an hour and the time just flew by and everything that’s been said in the past I have to agree with.
It took me months to finally end up in the same town as Destiny but I have to say the wait was worth it. She looks exactly like her photos but as others have mentioned was taller than they expected and not really a spinner but nice and slim. She’s extremely fit and toned, not an extra ounce any place I looked, and trust me I was over every single inch. Like others have said the softest smoothest skin they have every felt and she smelled fantastic, actually fantastic was all that keep coming to mind last night.
Session was extremely GFE bordering on PSE which is exactly what I wanted, everything mentioned on the ad was fine with her and as always a little respect goes a long way with YMMV. I also got the feeling my tastes are a little vanilla compared to hers. Smoothest sweetest Daty ever and I would have been more than happy to spent the entire hour in 69. First rate BBBJ as well.
Sexy accent, cute face, great little bra and thong plus high heels at the door, and horny as hell, whats not to like. Very sweet personality friendly, perky and a very very sensuous session, she never stopped touching, rubbing, cuddling etc the entire hour. I can’t really add much to all of the other reviews as most things have been covered, just wanted to add my 0.02 and say if you are thinking about seeing her go for it, she’s a great girl. Booking with the agency was easy as well and I can’t wait to repeat. Treat her well because girls like this don’t come around all the time.

Just when choices for sweet Asian poon in Calgary is at an all time low (during my pooning career anyhow), Along comes Destiny Xu.
Totally sweet, gorgeous young Vietnamese-Quebecois mix. Tall and toned, she has a fantasic natural body, and possibly the silkiest, smoothest skin I’ve ever felt. Grooming is beyond awesomely perfect. Her hair is dyed blonde, and combined with her cute French accent makes her intoxicatingly attractive. The sexy bra-panty combo, gloves and high heels didn’t hurt either.
Body Language (agency) advertises her on PERB as a “petite spinner”. I would not classify her as a spinner. She has perfectly porportioned curves, but is not a wee tiny spinner. More like a Victoria’s Secret model. She’s probably 5’7″, and is very well put together. She has fantastic natural breasts, which are quite small on her frame, but are capped by excellent nipples. Her hips and ass are wonderfully smooth, silky and rock hard. A true delight, but not a spinner. By my definition anyhow…
She is very skillful, and really gives and recieves oral with enthusiasm. DFK was also sublime, and she exudes a grace and class that the French touring ladies seem to have invented.
Yup, Flanders is a fan! This was far from the worst thing to happen to me in the “Post-SL” era in Calgary…

I should also mention that booking as per ad/website was flawless, and expertly handled… Communication was via email and txt, with clearly conveyed instructions, and a sweet accent answered for room confirmation. Incall was one of the coolest botique hotels in Calgary as well. Private, discreet and well appointed in a central location…

I booked her in Halifax last weekend when I was there, I had a little trouble booking the first night but that was all on me for being a pretty big noob on the hiring of SP’s(Destiny was only my second and first that wasn’t on BP) but the next day when I tried booking before driving back across the country I had no problem at all. When I got in the room man was I impressed, nice little 2 piece, nice heels she looked incredible just like the pictures. Service was incredible she was very friendly had a nice chat with her in between shots. Will definitely try to see her again when she comes to a city that’s close to me
here in Alberta.

Got to see that sexxy asian vixen with the sexxy french voice. dressed in a 2 piece teeeny red bra and panties, nice high heels and very nice lean long legs. a welcome kiss and hug and was very glad to see her again. Provides very good VFM with her services, BBBJ,soixante neuf, digits and plenty of lfk,dfk. I could have had daty all session..too much else to sample though.
laid down and caught up with her since her last visit, she did say in a sexxy voice “i knew i would see you boogie” and why would i miss such a treat

I never post reviews… But seriously, this girl is amazing. Great energy, bubbly, fun.

I never post reviews… But seriously, this girl is amazing. Great energy, bubbly, fun.
Looks exactly like the pics, only better in person. Young, perfect natural body, perfect soft skin.

Unbelievably service.

Amazing attitude.

Will watch for her returning to town.

Also had the opportunity to spend some time with Destiny today. Pictures are accurate and service is top notch. This lady enjoys giving as much as receiving. She’s down for just about anything, but does have her restrictions. Check out here agency’s site; Service and rates are published. Nothing sexier then a 20 year old asian with a french accent willing to rock your world. Booked a GFE at $$$, and with a tip was able to upgrade to PSE. Definitely worth that little extra. She won’t stop until your completely satisfied or drained. So here I was spent and drained, and she cuddles up to me wanting to do it all over again. My kind of girl, love the attitude…..10. Service….9 (’cause she needs more practise, hahaha!!). Repeat….already booked 🙂

This exotic SP offers everything a BOY could ask for accept a trip to Greece which was on my mind the second I saw her delicious butt.

She Looks (8) sexxy and smells even better. Great Attitude (8), knows what she is doing, enjoys it and ravishes in the moment. Service (9) is very rewarding: DATY on the freshest pussy and anus ever possesssed by a Coutesan. Shows her gratitude with a world class BBBJ and BLS. Full GFE with a tight perfect c..t that is forever etched in my mind. I could have done nothing but lick her for the hour. Perfect Pussy (“PP”) will be my Fantasy name for her.

Price: $300

Repeat: YES

They’re rare. Those Asian girls that just say “fuck it”, I wanna be a blonde too. And while the genetics don’t allow for it naturally, I appreciate the artificial approach every bit as much. There’s just something about an Asian girl with blonde hair. Its like some crude form of advertising. “I’m horny, do you see the blonde hair?”
When I saw that Destiny was finally making her way to Calgary (I think she’d only been as far as the prairies before), my heart skipped a beat. Finally something to look forward to for the lovers of Asian pooning in this city.
The incall is nice, but please be discreet – there is definitely a nosy maintenance guy lurking about. Destiny met me at the door in a sexy set of bra and panties and some very alluring gloves and stilettos. This one definitely likes to dress up. She is a curious mix of French and Vietnamese. Not all that strange considering that Vietnam was a French Colony, but we’re talking straight up Quebecois French, not the snootier brand from across the pond. Destiny has very smooth skin, I would rate it amongst the smoothest Ive had the pleasure of caressing. Her titties are small, yet provide just enough to suckle on, and the nipples are very responsive. All in all, a very nice frame. She’s not a total spinner, but small enough for fun.
We chatted a bit in the dim afternoon light until gentle pecks gave way to a full on make out session which eventually gave way to a voracious 69 session. She’s fully shaved and she likes it! After pleasuring each other for a while and showing me her stupendous DT technique, it was time to get the party started. I opted to hit it from the back…in hindsight a poor choice (get it, hindsight!). Not because the sex was bad, but because in about 5 mins, I’d be shooting my wad and prematurely ending what would have been a Cirque du Soliel of positions and pleasure. Ahh, well – theres always next time!
Jamonco rides again!

Wow! Just returned from a brief hh session with Ms. Destiny Xu and OMG, I cannot quit smiling. She is absolutely gorgeous and flawless as her ad states. Great attitude and personality with excellent skills, my only regret is that I wish I had longer. Gentlemen, do not miss this girl. She is the complete package and you will not be disappointed.

Ft Mac and Destiny Xu…What a fabulous gurl, a very sexxy french accent, long lean and slender with a raveshing sexual appetite and plenty of DFK. Very friendly easy going and loves her job. A quick rinse and met her on the bed, BBBJ with amazing long DT session, it was my turn for some sweet and tasty DATY, she straddled me and started rubbing back and forth CG style, on with the hat and started some slow CG nice and rythmic, MISH and finally edge of the bed. She had me dizzy and smiling as we lay down and talked. Another rinse and more DFK, i didnt want to leave as she wrapped her legs around me again and picking her up and holding her against the wall was tempting to stay for much longer, altho she wasn’t clock watching at all.
Can’t wait for the next time..woo hoo

I just had to do it…I had to go right back for a repeat!! And I think i had an even better time this time around, This Destiny is so much fun, and the positions, wow!! I think we have made up a couple a position… I think im kinda glad she is from out of province.. Cause I could see this girl everyday .. If you have not had the chance , I would say go for it !! An awesome fun ,sexy, erotic, tasty woman…

I just had an opportunity to visit with Destiny Xu in Fort McMurray. Setting up the appointment was easy. The location was high end , very nice. Room was very clean , lighting was very intimate.
I knocked on her door , it opened and I entered with Destiny standing behind door, as she closed it. And wow!! what a beautiful woman!!! Dressed in sexy lingerie , and greeted with a hug and soft kisses, with a beautiful smile. I was immediately put at ease , as she held me all the way to comfort of her bed, where the kisses continued. And a few soft giggles from Destiny. after some small talk and more kissing , gift was exchanged . And the session continued, I cannot say enough about the energy and electricity she created!! This is one passionate lady. I don’t think she has very many limitations , as we explored one another. She was very responsive , and fell into her roll as she let me take charge and lead the session. This woman really like what she does , and is not afraid to tell what she likes…I felt so at ease with this woman, and she really knows how to tease you, she had my lil fella standing with ease . All her skills were incredible!! I did not want to leave , 2 hours was not enough, Did I say she had allot energy..Wow!! Would I repeat , Definitely!! I’m thinking of booking again already before she goes!!
Thank You Destiny , That was one of the most unforgettable sessions I have ever experienced!!

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Destiny yesterday afternoon. She was warm, friendly, sexy, and took charge in a gentle but confident way. Wonderfully erotic, toned and beautiful all over, and after the main event she was a pleasure to converse with. If you can book an appointment while she’s still here I would recommend doing so. I hope she will be back before too long.

10 Atmosphere
10 Average 100%

I just got back from visiting with Destiny and it was a special treat to be with her. I’m so glad I got to meet such a wonderful and beautiful woman. She is highly skilled and everything we did was unbelievably exciting. She is such a sweet person, very easy to talk to and really playful. We found a chemistry between us very quickly and everything clicked.
I’m trying my hardest to put into words how amazing the experience was that I find everything I have written doesn’t do justice to what an incredible time we had together.
I highly recommend Destiny and I hope she continues to visit Halifax. I will definitely repeat if she does. She is special.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Destiny a few times and every time was excellent. She’s back in school now so we likely won’t see her back until spring time and I’ll be waiting.

While having kept a “low profile”, I have been a member of CERB for many months, before and during which I have had the good fortune to have had one or more encounters with most of the “cum from away” SP’s who have visited Halifax. Last evening, I had the good fortune to spend some time with Destiny Xu. My first opportunity. This lady is ultra-friendly, caring, attentive to ones desires, and delivers the ultimate GFE/PSE experience. She is very mature for her age, and has a very pretty face and a body to die for if you like slim ladies with flat, hard, abs, and the inate ability to vigorously “exercise” same. She does not have a “minimize the time to the grand event ” philosophy or attitude, and is not a clock watcher. She is the full meal deal, so to speak. Without question, the best experience I have had with a visiting SP. You may want to similiarly avail yourself of ultimate bliss. Try not to miss out on the window of opportunity while Destiny is here!

NB whines and whines for women like this to visit and when they come they find things slow. I had the time of my life with this lady and anyone that passed her up missed out hard. Moncton, you still have a chance and if you have any brains you will take advantage of her visit because she is an absolute treat. All her abbreviations are listed right in her ad and all I have to offer in addition is to say she is exceptionally pleasant to have met.

I have to agree! I am new to this so I can’t comment on the lack of ladies. But I can comment on how Wonderful my time was with Destiny. She is the sweetest little thing! Pleasant and energetic! I only hope that she makes it down this way again!!!

i agree with you 100%…i seen her Monday & had a great time!! i posted on Body Language Entertainment guest book that Destiny had the smoothiest, just like silk skin…i’ve never ever felt skin as smooth as that!!….Guy’s don’t miss out…non-rushed experience, phone turned off etc….I will repeat if she is back again this way, I wish i could see her Moncton..please support this fine ladies