How to pronounce your last name?
Plz, say X+U. Destiny XU.


What kind of man do I like?
I like everybody and all men ★ 27 years +. I just need them clean ;P Hygiene is my key for a great encounter ♥


Should you bring something for our encounter?
Your beautiful self for a great encounter is enough for me. If you really wanna bring something, I always like wine to spice up our moments.

What I usually like during a rendezvous?
I’m a big playgirl. I like sex. I love sex. I teach sex. I’m a driver. I love to drive. I love to be driven too but only if you know how to drive 😉

I love knowing you better as well.

Only 1 rule, you can’t tell me what to do but you tell me what do you like ♥

What should you do for your encounter?
If it’s your 1st time with me or in the business, take it as a date that will end well ♥ and it will always get better over time.

Party event, traveler gf?
If 1st time meeting me, I would rather go intimate for a 1st date. Then we can go out or travel somewhere for a getaway.

Do I play with others?
Of course ;P I’m a team player, I do like multiples players on the field lol. It can be more guys or another reputable lady in the business.

I have my European TopGirl duo partner as well on her way… ♥

What kind of gifts do I like?
I like money 😉

But if you wanna please me, I like gift cards, lingerie, any surprises as well and have now a Wishlist♥

My fitting: x-small in the major brand. Small in panties, x-small in garter belt, 32D in bra sizes. 7 1/2 in shoes.


Real GF/Friend?
I am a Professional Independent Companion. I am your real companion for those “moments/getaways” and I never and will never go beyond my lines. This is a reason why I’ve been able to keep so many guys over the years. Discretion and privacy are a must for me. Please don’t try to ask my real name or real phone number, it will break the “magic”


Social Media?
I am currently trying to be an instababe, you can follow me on my IG account and on Sexize.com, just don’t mention anything related to our encounter and/or your city ♥ You can comment with good comments and/or emojis ♥ You can follow my daily on my Bloopers and on Sexize


What is the difference between on Tour/Off Tour?
I love traveling and when I am touring, this time is dedicated to touring. You can find my rates On tour and the city/country as well on my pricing page. This is a new feature, when I am not touring and you wanna see me, I offer Off-Tour and Getaways with several days/weeks in advance. I am busy out DX Life and this time will only be dedicated to you. Please use my “Request a Rendez-Vous” on my Main page or use Telegram Messages for Booking when I’m Off-Tour ♥


What is Telegram?
Telegram is a rising messaging app competitive to Whatsapp. Its private, international, and highly secure. It looks like a professional app (nothing weird for others and/or your surrounding) on your phone and just needs to “turn off” notifications. Why not Whatsapp? Because Whatsapp is using 1 active Sim Card for 1 account only. You would guess that I won’t mix personal with DX as probably you don’t wanna mix yours with DX 😉


On an active tour, I answer within a few minutes/hours. Off-Tour I may take a few hours/days or when I open my DX phone ;P If you have sent a proper email and I haven’t replied back without 24-48hrs, please send it again, sometimes internet may experience a bad connection.