How to pronounce your last name?

Plz, say X+U. Destiny XU.

What kind of man do I like?

I like everybody and all men ★  25 years +. I just need them clean 😉 Hygiene is my key for a great encounter ♥

Should you bring something for our encounter?

Your beautiful self for a great encounter is enough for me. If you really wanna bring something, I always like wine to spice up our moments.

What I usually like during a rendezvous?

I’m a big playgirl. I like sex. I love sex. I teach sex. I’m a driver. I love to drive. I love to be driven too but only if you know how to drive 😉

I love knowing you better as well.

Only 1 rule, you can’t tell me what to do but you tell me what do you like ♥

Special case: Asians

I will need a good intro if you are an asian. I’ll need to be comfortable 1st and breaking the ice. Like I said, I like everybody so I won’t put you in a corner. But there is something people should know. I have stepped back from my asian roots for many years for a reason. Some will know about the Asian Flush: the missing enzyme for the alcohol. The other thing people should know and many asians haven’t really notice, I will call it the Asian Anger. I am very flabbergasted of the brutality of some threads about people, not only the one I have been pointed out. That is why it didn’t affected me and that’s why I usually avoiding big asian city. I knew it was it. The level of a brutality of any thread is the level of an unhappiness of a person. Asians, you are well-know to be sweet & smart, don’t break it. I know you are afraid for meeting girls in real life. I never really know why most asian were shy when it comes for dating. You shouldn’t be worried about your size, your height or any attributes of yours. The question you should ask isn’t if a girl likes you or not but why she should deserves you. Anyone isn’t better than anyone else. Confidence is key. I really hope it can helps you guys cuz you are really a great culture with the sweetness, the smartness, the kindness and every positives things people have said. I will develop this point in my story, its a big point for the creation of DX ★ PS: Im sorry if I have touched the asian community but its not everybody and I have highlights great asians encounters in my reviews section ♥