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Hi all ♥ DX is now online with Private Content ♥

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Entertaining Private Content is daily releases, photos, videos & live streaming “on the moments” sharing on bloopers & dedicated members page respectively. Those content aren’t shared anywhere else.

=> All content, previous, deleted, and future will be store and update on this LINK and some Private Destiny XU Hot things will remain only here. You can sign up on the other link and your membership profile will be automatically updated if you are an active member on ;P

Some fun thing is and will remain free & public, so keep following me ❤️

Here the membership levels & description of what you can have access to:

Access to:

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30 days

    • Sign up for 30 days
    • Unlock access to my Private Content included:
    • Access to my lifestyle
    • Access to my sexy photos
    • Access to my teasing videos

30 days

    • Sign up for 30 days
    • Access to my lifestyle
    • Access to my extra sexy photos
    • Access to my teasing videos
    • Access to my hot Private Content

30 days

    • Sign up for 30 days
    • Unlock access to my Private Content included:
    • Access to all my sexy photos (edited and unedited)
    • Access to all teasing videos (edited and unedited)
    • Access to all hot Private Content (edited and unedited)
    • Access to my extra Platinum content (1 per week)

Bundle 6 months
6 months

    • Sign up for 6 months
    • Honey, this is my Bundle 6 months membership.
    • Enjoy my Go Platinum Access with a great value ♥


I can’t wait to entertain you guys, bringing you excitement, joy, and daily happinesss ♥

PS: you need a membership to be able to unlock the exclusive content. You can use a John Doe info as long you have a valid email address and to remember your credentials to log in ♥♥


  • Select the membership level of your choice by Signing up

  • Follow the checkout instructions, don’t forget to check all boxes and you can find our terms & conditions as well

  • After a successful payment, you’ll automatically be a member and will receive a confirmation complete order email

  • There you go, you are IN ♥

  • PS: It will rarely happened but if you haven’t receive an email, check your spam box as well. Gmail have delays to receive emails and/or look under promotions tab. You don’t need to wait a confirmation email when you have purchase a new membership. You’ll receive a processing and completed order email as well. Again you don’t need to wait those emails if you have subscribe as a new Membership.

  • Please note, new membership are automatically IN after a successful payment. To see if worked without waiting your confirmation and welcoming email => Go to Membership Level => Click on Already a member => you’ll see your membership status and you will be good to navigate on the bloopers members area and your respective page

  • Follow the Bloopers Members Area to see your Private Area ♥

  • Follow my profile HERE to see all previous private content and my Newsfeed ♥

  • Please note, Some content will be deleted after a few days/weeks. You can find them on ;P

  • You can upgrade for a higher level during your membership by changing it into your membership level account. All upgrades will have a 20% discount. Send an email to [email protected] to get the discount code ♥

  • Please note, a refund isn’t offered since its a digital & entertaining content & product

  • An email will send to you a few days prior to the end of the membership

  • Membership lasts 30 days and isn’t recurring, all renewal, except Bundle 6 months, get 40% discount

    before the deadline: Coupon Code down below if membership is on

  • It isn’t a webcam or any interface interaction service, its content created exclusively to entertain the world ♥

  • You will be able to follow Destiny XU with her daily content, exclusives photos, videos and live streaming created for members ♥

  • You will be able to see, watch and replay everything when you want and where you want as long you are a member ♥

  • Please note, you can’t save, share or copy any content on ♥

  • All Log in has a limit of 1 screen, you’ll be log out automatically if you attempt to login on a 2nd screen ♥