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GranTurismo Convertible MC

Yupp. I’m not a Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada or Louboutin Lady. My taste are refine, low profile, singular and sometimes, very expensive ;P

In my personal life, I don’t need much artifice to please people, I just need to show my keys 😆

True lol. You don’t know how to seduce and have expensive cars? Shows your keys 😆

You are not cute but have expensive cars? Show your keys 😆

Wanna find a bad girl? Show your keys 😆

Wanna find a good girl who’s gonna always take care of you, suck your dick amazingly, clean the house every day, make delicious meals, never cheap on you, and go to work? Go on Pluto 😆

Starting price for the MC model is $190,500. With all the extras packages, colors, etc + taxes, should end up at +/- $270,000


  • taxes
  • personal shooting photo set (+/- 8 photos)

Order more than 1 means, I can pick more than 1 color ♥ 😆


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Link for more photos & details: https://www.maserati.ca/ca/en/models/granturismo-convertible