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Peace Tree by DX

This Peace Tree is created to help people with their confidence and how to approach others.

Isn’t a natural or born thing to please everybody or trying to charm a love one.  That’s why I’m giving few advice.

1st. It starts with chemistry.

For many, when 2 people meet, each one only go by their own way and what they like. So the relation/session can be like that:

If it never works out, its because it has to be like that:

Yes, ladies are there to provide a great experience but you have to follow them. You have to follow the chemistry and not only “By The Book”. Of course, when chemistry isn’t there, its easier to blame everything and others. That’s why negativity got bigger and it looks fun to criticize but you must not forget 2 things. 1: There is people behind those screens. 2: If you are capable to blame, be ready to receive the blame.

Now, you gonna ask me how to get the chemistry. So here few advice on how to approach someone inside or outside the business (yes, a person still a person everywhere) :

  1. Never judge. If the person has the ugliest shoes ever, you don’t say it and you don’t think about it. This same person can be a billionaire or can be the one who is gonna save your love ones. Plus, judgement and negativity aren’t attractive.
  2. I already said it but I’ll repeat it: Confidence is key. You’ll never get what you want if you never make a move. But you have to make it properly. It takes practices, if you fail, its all good, just do it again and again until you get it.
  3. Be cool. If you are the coolest person in the place (not the cutest or the richest) all ladies will like you. If she doesn’t like you, then you aren’t the problem, it is just not The One. Its for you to define whats cool as well.
  4. Find a passion or something you like to do in your spare time. Why? Because you are going to focus on something else than “why she or he doesn’t like me”. Plus, you may find “The One” in the same passion than you and this is where a strong connection starts.
  5. Be happy. How? Do sex more often.

This is what I got in my mind for now, I might refine this text as well in this upcoming month if I got more inspiration. I hope it helps many and I’ll wish you good luck and a Happy New Year ♥♥♥♥♥

Destiny XXX

PS: the Tree is a Bonsai. Real culture Asians inspired me because they are the most introvert person and this is mainly why I have created this part. Don’t focus on what you don’t like and show you have have best instead.


  1. Vanjordan19: spoiled asian young boy living 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver. He looks like a 19 years-old kiddo but he might have turn 24y/o, 5’6, 130lbs, t-shirt, jeans, tintin haircut and timbaland type shoes, chinese type (I don’t recognize the asian difference sorry but he seams to like Vietnamese so I would guess he is a Vietnamese. What a shame for my roots..). The kid had really pissed me off. 1st Phone number : 778***2215, 2nd phone number: 778***8985
  2. I have another BlackList name to put here. The Fairmont Guy. I can’t retrieve him for now, I don’t wanna point someone out on board for nothing, his username looks like [D_ _ _ _ _ _ _28]. He is small about 5’2, over 40-50y/o, 130lbs, last time Ive seen him. Yupp, even after many years, i can remember the situation. I started with an agency and they advertised me as a petite and spinner girl, so many ppl thought i was thoses small and tiny asians. Even when I’ve been independant, many ppl thought I was a petite asian. It took few reviews to confirm I’m taller than common asian, I’m healthy & tone. So when I opened the door, the guy was very small to me, his ego was affected, I felt his feeling from miles away. I am talking to you, you dirty & disgusting mouth: if you don’t like yourself, don’t blame others. You would deserve every nasty word from me but I’m a very polite lady and I don’t give a fuck about problems but you have said things out of this world that I can’t imagine someone can say. So any situations and life you got, you just deserve it.

Only way to remove your name on the blacklist, is to apologize publicly on the same board you have made the thread.


Badbone: Handsome 6-foot fitted man. Great bone, Amazing Skills.

Chico604: Super sweet sexy spanish man.


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